Sorry science, I've been cheating on you with theatre and sports...

Hi everyone! :)

My name is Angela Trovato and I am from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! This is my roommate Mary and I, we've been best friends since the 2nd grade and now we get to live and go to PSU together! (I am on the left)

I'm a freshman here at PSU. It's funny because for awhile I was torn on where I thought I wanted to go to college, and now that I'm here I can't imagine attending any other school. I come from a family of Penn Staters, and now I have become a part of an even bigger Penn State family! I am double majoring in sports broadcasting and theatre and I can't think of a better university to be at to pursue both of those degrees. I am taking this course because neither of my majors require heavy science courses and I was told by everyone that took this class that they loved it and it kept them interested. I'm not planning to be a science major because it isn't a career I feel I could excel in, however I do find science fascinating! Although I have to admit, physics in high school was one of the hardest and most painful classes I've ever had to take. 

You should know, I am the youngest of 5 girls. Yes. I have four older sisters. I know, I know, my poor dad, right? If I had a dime for every time I heard that... But anyways, we are actually an extremely close family and I can't imagine not having my sisters or parents in my life. 

I loved the high school I went to and I consider myself lucky to have gone to a high school that could offer me so many options in my education. I was a part of the fall plays and spring musicals in my high school and I can honestly say acting is a very strong passion of mine, along with loving the wonderful world of sports. In high school I was an anchor for our morning newscast that was broadcasted on every T.V. throughout the school, and I loved being able to wake up to that. It definitely gave me motivation to go to school when I needed it! One of my high schools proudest moments was being on ESPN. We were the number 1 play of the week thanks to my friend Devin Thomas. He broke a backboard during a playoff basketball game. Yes. Yes he did. 

See you all next class! :)


I come from a family of all girls too! I am actually a twin
and I have a younger sister.

I remember seeing that on ESPN! I'm jealous that you get to come with your best friend to college - I'm missing my best friend like crazy since she's at Delaware, 5 hours away!

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