Science it's not you....It's me.

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Ciao fellow class mates! My name is Samantha Corza but most people know me by the name "Mila," I'm double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Global International Studies with a minor in Spanish.  As you can see I took the easy way out because I don't have to take extensive courses in math, science or economics! I got to meet Katie Couric two years ago and she told me not never quit working towards my dream and so that's what I'm doing. 
kate couric.jpgUnlike most of the students in this class, I actually love science. Well, to be more specific: I love learning. That is primarily why I chose this class. I figured since it was directed toward students that are not science majors then it had to incredibly interesting. I've always thought of science as a continual form of learning since science never really stops. I wanted to be a doctor until my junior year of high school when my A.P. Chemistry class made me gauge my eyes out every day. (So that's why I'm not majoring in science) After  that I realized I had to think realistically and play up my strengths. I later then realized I wasn't very good at anything except journalism and so my journey began thanks to my high school's Knight Life Studio.

As a journalist I believe I should be well versed in many different topics not just journalism and english. I love learning about new scientific discoveries and new theories. Life itself AMAZES me. I think the rapid pace in which humans evolved is incredible! It was only around 400,000 or 250,000 years ago that our race began. Thank You WikipediaPeople don't appreciate that enough. I mean it took us forever to invent the wheel and now we've built enormous cities and palaces; Not to mention the amazing strides that have been taken in the medical community (when was the last time we had a plague? Exactly.) 

The fact that I am a catholic does not hinder my learning in any way. I still ask questions and ask for facts. I guess that doesn't make me a very good Catholic? All I know is:

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief

1 Comment

As a fellow Catholic I can say that I appreciate the fact that you like to investigate things and not just take them as they come. I'm the same way. And no matter what anyone's major is, they should be somewhat knowledgable in different fields. It's funny how we kind of have the same reasons for not being science majors and that we're now really into communications.

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