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Hello Andrew Read and the rest of my classmates in Science 200!  I am Steve Prongay, a freshman here at Penn State and I am from Bridgewater, NJ.  One thing that was always difficult for me growing up in New Jersey was and still is being a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Most of my very close friends are all huge fans of the New York Giants and because of their success recently, I have been getting harassed.  At the end of the day, however, the Dallas Cowboys still have five Superbowl wins which is one more than the Giants and of course they are, "America's Team."  Along with the Dallas Cowboys, other things I love are the New York Yankees and my pets.  I have four dogs.  Those four dogs include three pugs and a chocolate lab.  The pugs are my favorite.  The oldest, Maurice, is a fawn and the other two, Mossimo and Madeline, are black pugs.

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I am currently attending the College of Communications here at Penn State with an intended major in Telecommunications.  After Telecommunications, I hope that I will be able to get into broadcasting.  Although I was always great at science in high school, I never really showed too much interest in it.  I understood it and I always thought the concepts of science were cool but it was never enough for me to see myself becoming a scientist.  I am taking this class because my advisor suggested it.  My advisor gave me a choice between a math and a science and since I despise math, I picked science.  After the first week in the class, I am happy that I chose to take it because it is not like any other science classes.  It stands out because the curriculum is not set in stone and really no facts are used in the class.  Science 200, I believe, can be a fun class and hopefully it teaches me how science impacts our society and our everyday lives.  But since I was always successful in my high school science courses, its aight to me.



You deserve to be harassed fro being a Cowboys fan. They are the worst of all fans. America's team happens to also be America's softest team. Does Romo even know that he plays a contact sport cause he complains an awful lot about being hit in a contact sport. But don't worry I hate the giants too.


44-6 nuff said

I also know how it feels to be a Cowboys fan and be harassed. James who commented earlier doesn't realize that his QB can't finish a full season. GO EAGLES!!! (sarcasm). I do however hate the Yankee's but whatever the Red Sox suck this season.

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