Post workout: Gatorade or... Coconut water????

Who would have thought that these two would even be in comparison.  Recent studies have shown that when taking coconut water as a post workout supplement can actually serve as a substitute for Gatorade or Powerade.  After reading the article from Men's Fitness, I've came to the conclusion that whether coconut water is right for you or not depends completely on the intensity level of your workout.  Will we be seeing the Gatorade coolers replaced on the sidelines of the NFL on Sundays?  Most likely not.  Coconut water provides many of the same nutrients that Gatorade does only in natural form. Although it has many of the ingredients needed for the body to recover it does lack sodium so it is not recommended for long workouts where someone might sweat a lot. (American Chemistry Society) Men's Fitness refers to it as "Mother Nature's own sports drink."  I would only assume that as the population grows more knowledgeable to what coconut water can provide, many organic food consumers will also jump on the bandwagon of the idea.  The idea of a sports drink that is 100% natural will spark many workout enthusiasts in the near future and I would expect to see a big name celebrity endorsing it as well.  We will probably see a big football or basketball star as that person.  Let us not forget that coconut water is supposed to be used as a post workout for medium workouts, not football and basketball.  Most of the world wont take the time to read about it so they will buy the product anyways because a New York Giant is endorsing it. It is excellent that scientists how found a sports drink that is all natural but let's hope the price doesn't rise sky high, or we'll be forced to stick with the artificial Gatorade and Powerade's.



Wow, very interesting article. Gatorade and sports go hand in hand, as you see gatorade being endorsed for pretty much every sporting event. I never would have thought coconut water could be used as a post workout supplement for short to medium length lifts. I am always up for trying out new things so I will look into this more and I will let you know if it works. What sports do you think this would be best for?

Hey Michael!

I had no idea coconut water could be a substitute for Gatorade! I still think the best post workout drink is water. This article talks about water being the best drink to drink after normal workouts. The extra electrolytes and carbohydrates are not necessary in a typical workout. Not to mention the fact that water is cheaper, has no calories, and is needed for humans to survive. On the other hand, Gatorade has calories and artificial flavorings that aren't exactly good for the body.

Interesting post, Mike. As someone who works out everyday, I always find articles like these good to read. In addition to what you guys are saying about water, gatorade, etc., one beverage I have heard that is great for after work outs is actually chocolate milk. Now personally I've tried all of these drinks (except the coconut water) and still my favorite thing after a workout is a nice protein shake.

This is an awesome blog! With all the press Gatorade gets you would think they would actually make you that much of a better athlete when in reality if you just drink coconut water you could be getting more nutrients. I personally am a fan of good old H2O on the sidelines but if needed coconut water would be an interesting replacement if you ask me.

My friend's older sister works for a PR firm and this summer I attended an event she organized for a new drink called Powercoco. Powercoco is essentially a cross between gatorade and coconut water! So, maybe the benefits you discussed concerning coconut water really will be put to use, just in a more abstract way than simply replacing power drinks with coconut water. This drink seems to have the benefits of both coconut water and gatorade, so it seems like it would be good whether you need hydrating for a light or an extensive workout.

To be honest until I stumbled upon this I had no idea there were other options for post workout. As far as sports I'd consider it to be sufficient for would probably be casual tennis, golf, or possibly softball.

Hey Andy. I checked out the links you posted and they were helpful. I also am a big fan of the basic chocolate milk. I found this when I was looking around as well. You might find some other good tips. Other Post Workouts

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