Not Worth the Energy Boost?

   As hundreds of thousands of people across the United States check out any convenience store or local supermarket, one's eye is typically drawn to the attractive case of the popular 5-hour energy sitting nearby.
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   Not everyone is a fan of energy drinks, or in this case energy shots. However, 5-hour energy, " eight years, has gone from nowhere to $1 billion dollars in retail sales" (The Rise of 5-hour Energy).  Containing only two ounces of caffeine and vitamins, its purpose is to keep one awake and energized without having the dreaded "crash" effect hours later.  The "healthy" ingredients  that are put in 5-hour energy include Vitamins B6, B12, Niacin and Folic Acid, among other helpful energizing vitamins and blends.  
   5-hour energy distributors claim that one shot contains the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee.  Plenty of people drink more than one cup of coffee on a daily basis so that does not seem too detrimental to one's health, right?  On the contrary, it is the overdose of other vitamins that can be harmful when 5-hour energy is taken too extremely, especially when mixed with alcohol or abused with other substances.  Such effect such as the Niacin Flush, a hot and uncomfortable sensation along with a redding of skin color, or loss of muscle coordination, such as seizures, could occur if more than two maximum shots of 5-hour energy are taken per day.  
  5-hour energy obviously was not put on the market thinking that consumers were going to be disregarding instructions regarding the quantity of energy shots that could be taken per day.  However, it is incredibly misleading that the serving size for one energy dosage is only half of the individual bottle.  People can easily consume the whole bottle with two small sips and immediately are exposed to negative side effects.  

   Toxicologists have studied 5-hour energy and have come up with several conclusions about 5-hour energy.  This YouTube video is an excellent presentation of the predicament with today's society consuming these energy shots:  Toxicologist: Dangerous 5-Hour Energy Consumption


I was actually originally going to write one of my posts on this! I'm so glad you did. I am beyond fascinated and concerned with some of the drinks on the market today and how bad they can really be for our population. One of the most eye-opening articles. It's so sad that people keep seeking alternatives to sleep and natural rest.

Here's the article I mentioned:

I could not agree more with your comment Natasha. The fact that people are relying on energy supplements to replace natural sleep shows the problems of soceity today. "We" are always looking for a way to improve and take the easiest way out instead of putting in the effort or time needed to achieve our desired result. I see these huge cans in stores that I swear would kill me if I drank one, just from gut reaction. Anyways, I am shocked that a serving sive for 5-hour energy is only half of the bottle. I would safely bet that most consumers do not realize this, and the fact that it is so small makes it next to impossible to drink only half. I have always thought that there should be an age restriction on whether you can buy energy drinks or not, and was wondering what you guys thought of that? No matter what I'm told, it would be hard for me to believe these drinks aren't harmful to my well-being in some way.

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