My Feline Fatty.

My Feline Fatty
About a year ago, I discovered a 3 week old, 6 ounce scrawny kitten on my way home to visit my parents. Of course, I snatched her up and she has been my little girl ever since. However, over the past few months my little girl, Jacie, hasn't exactly been so little. In a little over a year, Jacie has gone from 6 ounces to 11 pounds. How did this happen? How did a sick bottle fed kitten that barely weighed 6 ounces grow to be so large in only a year? I began to become afraid of what may happen to Jacie if I ignored her weight gain. Would she continue to gain weight? Are there medical consequences? What can I do to better control her diet and health? 



Jacie at 6 ounces.



Jacie at 11 pounds.


Is Jacie overweight?:
According to the chart below, Jacie falls somewhere between sections 7 and 8, which does leave her as being overweight but not far off from being at an ideal weight.There are numerous other ways to determine if your cat is obese rather than placing them on a scale. For example, if you press on your cat's stomach area you should be able to feel their ribs. If you have to search for them by squeezing their stomach, your cat may be overweight. Many cats that are overweight also have a "pouch" that hangs behind your cat's hing legs. This, unfortunately, is what majorly gave Jacie away as being overweight.

(Purina, 2008)

Medical Concerns for Overweight and Obese Cats:

An overweight or obese can is likely to suffer from some sort of medical condition. Exessive weight gain in cats can cause a wide variety of health issues. Cats may suffer from feline diabetes, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, inflammatory bowel disease, hairballs, asthma and even dental health issues.
How to Control Jacie's Weight Gain;
The most important aspect in controling Jacie's weight will be what, when and how much I feed her. In terms of what to feed her, it should actually not be the regular dry cat food that most cats recieve. Dry cat food is actually quite unhealthy for our feline friends. Not only is dry food depleted of water but it is extremely high in carbohydrates, which basically break down into sugar and since cats do not typically particpate in strenuous activities, these carbohydrates don't go anywhere. Dry cat food also fails to satisfy a cat's body's natural craving of meat. Many, if not all dry cat foods, contain proteins that are derived from plants and not animals.
So, what should I feed Jacie if dry food is out of the question? Most canned cat foods and cooked meat such as turkey, chicken or even rabbit provide the needed protein and nutrition although now we need to figure out how much to feed her. Her daily diet should be based on the amount of calories rather than a certain amount. Most canned cat food brands differ with calorie amount so it is important to check! So, how many calories does Jacie need on a daily basis? The answer can be found for any cat by completing the equation below.
15 calories*cat's weight in pounds = calories/day
15 calories * 11 pounds = 165 calories/day
So, in order for Jacie to maintain a healthy weight, I should be feeding her approximately 165 calories worth of canned cat food and/or cooked chicken, turkey or rabbit divided between two feedings a day. With a proper diet Jacie should hopefully lose a slight bit of weight and dodge numerous health issues. Now comes the task of keeping track of my little girl's diet so I can keep my her around as long as possible!
 Thank you for reading!


So cute!! I have a doggy in my home too. I just think it is much more lovely for him to be a little bit fatter. But after reading your articles I've realized I should control his weight as well. Keep on diet.....

Haha this such an awesome article. Make sure you keep your cat on a good diet. I had a friend who had a cat who I could have sworn was twice the size of your cat. It was huge, I found it hard that it was able to even move! But it did have tons of medical problems, such that you should avoid them for your own. Take care of your animals as you would yourself. Cute pet!

It is interesting to see how different animals and humans are by weight, nutrients and how much they eat daily. It is important to keep our pets at a healthy weight because if we do not then they will be prone to many different health problems that are not necessary. Certain animals and different breeds of animals must be at certain weights.

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