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brain_music.gifMusic... something I know I can't live without and I can almost guarantee a lot of this class can't either.  Music is such a huge part of society and a way to let people express themselves in many different forms.  I can honestly say I am listening to music well over 50% of the day, whether I'm just sitting in my room with my head phones on, or blasting it through the speakers in my apartment.  One thing I've realized is music always seems to make everything better and make me feel better.  After thinking about it, I decided I would look into what the reasoning was and what types of effects music has on the brain and our feelings.  I came across a lot of interesting information when I did this.
         Music seems to only have positive effects on the brain after I did some research, from it just being a pick me up and helping with our emotions, all the way to helping cure and treat some diseases.  On this website, it shows 7 crazy ways that music positively affects our brain, ranging from repairing brain damage, to boosting your immune system and even curing Parkinson's in some ways.  I was simply blown away by these facts, that something as simple as music could have that huge of an effect on our bodies.  Music is known to release dopamine in your brain, which  helps contribute to all 7 of the ways music positively effects the brain.  Dopamine is in the drugs that are given to patients with depression and even people with Parkinson's.  

Music seems to be the answer to cure many things, so rock on!

and tell me this song doesn't make you feel better instantly and get that dopamine going! haha


That is one of my favorite songs! It does always put me in a great mood. I, too, have music constantly on, and I couldn't imagine my life without it. So I started thinking, deaf people say they can enjoy music because they can piece together the does that mean music has the same affect on them like it does for the hearing?

Very interesting, I happen to be a big fan of hardcore music, (at least a couple of bands), this music involves a lot of screaming and yelling, and my brother would always ask why you like listening to people screaming. I don't really have a good answer, what I've heard about a lot of music, is that people like being able to predict what's going to happen next, and when they are right this releases dopamine, which is why people like a rhythm, beat and repetition in music, but I've never been able to find why people like screaming. I say I like it because of the intensity of it, and that it puts you into a place that makes life feel deep. But I wonder if there is a scientific reason, none that I could find.

Love that song! I agree, that song can always put a smile on my face. This post got me to thinking if different types of music release different amounts of dopamine. Like do upbeat, happy songs release more than say sad, slow ones? Maybe you could look into that for your next blog! (:

I hear you man, I listen to a wide variety of music. Pop-Punk and hard core are my two favorite genres and a lot of people don't understand why I like these types of music. I'll definitely have to look into that, but this site might help some. They go into explaining that music has to do with what you like. Whatever makes you feel the best when you are listening to it is what will have the most effect on you.

I think the link in my last comment might help with your question. That would be a great topic to look into more though and write about for my next blog. Thanks!

That's interesting that all the positive effects of music are a result of dopamine. Like you I'm listening to music at least 50% of the day and often get musical frisson, which is the chills you get when you listen to good music. I found an interesting article which explains why we get musical frisson. It is a result of a the sensitivity that humans developed to hear screaming. We can actually hear a human scream from further away than any other sound. This biological process is the same for when we listen to music. It is believed that the reason this biological response in music make us feel good is that the brain is reacting with fear initially and then it enjoys consciously recognizing that the stimulus is harmless.

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