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I love to watch movies.  There are very few things I would rather do on a day off than watch some good movies.  I like all different kinds of movies, but most often I like to watch violent action thrillers.  They are the bread and butter of the movie industry for me.  The action in them is so exciting to me and sometimes I like to plan my own heroics in my head.  Being a rational thinker, however, often I critically think about the movie and how real it is.  One of the most perplexing and interesting events in the movies are the shootings.  There are always such a variety of different wounds and injuries.  Sometimes it's a one shot kill, sometimes three bullets doesn't take a guy down.  This afternoon, I was watching a movie and I thought (right after about 20 people had been shot) "what a great topic for a blog post!"

Now, on with the science.

Will being fat help me if I have been shot?  No, according to doctors, a person's size and physical stature will have nothing to do with the damage a bullet will do.  If the bullet would kill a 170 pound man, chances are, it would kill a 300 pound man as well.

When they go underwater in movies, are they still in danger?  Generally they are not in danger, anything stronger than a low caliber handgun essentially explodes and becomes harmless upon impact with the water.

Here is a brief Mythbusters clip of their experimentation...



How many bullets does it take to kill a person?  This is a pretty obvious one, it varies.  A New York Times  article I read tells the story of a man that survived about twenty gunshots.  All of the bullets barely missed major organs and somehow he escaped without dying.

If someone is going to shoot you, what is the best thing to do? RUN.  All joking aside, police professionals like Ed Sizemore a firearms specialist at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, say the best thing to do is run.

If someone is going to shoot you, where is the best place to get shot? The hand or foot.  This is fairly unexciting but it makes sense.  There are no major arteries or organs there, you may lose a hand or finger but you most likely will not lose your life.

Here is a little more  INFORMATION on where you want to get shot.


Generally the best strategy with guns is to avoid them.  A gunshot wound a day DOES NOT keep the doctor away.


I like your idea of not getting shot. You seem to be right that not getting shot is a good idea. However, sometimes being shot is not in your control, and there are steps you can take if you are with someone who gets shot. Some of the most important steps include calling 911, controlling the bleeding, and not moving the victim. This article, has a lot of good information that could save your life in a gun shot situation.

I agree that getting shot in the hand or foot may be the most ideal places to get shot in but, if a person is in a situation being faced with a gun they really don't have much of a choice. As for running it may decrease the possibility of getting shot depending on the assailant's marksmanship. Even so common sense will tell you a person willing to shoot you will clearly go for the biggest part of the body they can hit and if a person is running, it is clearly their back. As for the bullets doing the same amount of damage I disagree for the simple fact that there are some people that even survive gunshots to the head such as this kid It may or may not be to his physical stature, may have even been luck but this shot would killed a numerous amount of people had they have been victimized with this crime. And running clearly couldn't have been in his best interest. Run to where?

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