Losing Our Ability to Communicate

Being a journalism major, I am constantly reading the newspaper.  While browsing throughout the New York Times Online, I found an article about how face-to-face conversation is starting to go down the drain because of cell phones.  We use cell phones to be in touch with our friends and family constantly, to tell a boyfriend we love or don't love them, or to constantly check twitter and facebook to keep up with the ever-changing tech world.  While technology can be helpful at times, when someone is going through a rough time and just needs a hug, a text is not going to be much help.  The new generations are so addicted to their cell phones that we don't feel the need to go out and start a conversation.

- 84 percent of respondents said that they could not go a single day without their cellphones.
- 50 percent of Americans sleep with their phone next to them like a teddy bear or a spouse, a number that includes more than 80 percent of 18-24 year olds.
- 20 percent of respondents check their phone every 10 minutes.
- 24 percent said they had used text messages to set up a rendezvous with someone they were having an affair with, a number that includes 56 percent of Chinese respondents.

These are just some phone.png about the addiction to our cell phones and the need to constantly have it.  I was shocked to find that the above facts all apply to me except the last one.  Its scary but we all need to give our phones a break every once in a while and enjoy all of what State College has to offer us.


I just wrote a blog about how technology is making us socially awkward. We really are on our cell phones, iPad, computers more and more and ignoring whats physically going on around us. I worry for the younger generation because they will be using technology even more than we do! Do you think we really physically communicate less? Or are we just communicating more through technology?

This blog reminded me so much of one I commented on in the last blogging period entitled The Dehumanizing Effects of Botox. It seems as though many modern conveniences, whether it be plastic surgery, cell phones or computers, are making it more and more difficult to interact with others. I do however wonder how we as humans will adapt to the ever-changing forms of communication. For example, how different are we as Westerners in the ways we interact in contrast to people who live in third-world countries without access to these technologies? I think the changes and progressions between us would be a very interesting thing to study and observe over time.

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