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I'm left-handed, and all my life, I was taught that this meant I used my right side of my brain and therefore more creative and inclined to musical ability than those who were right-handed.  While I can admit that I am not a math or science person, I also am not a musical or creative prodigy. This made me wonder whether a person's dominant hand actually has any connection to different sides of the brain.
The brain has two cerebral hemispheres, the left and the right. The left, according to this article, processes things sequentially and is a source of math, science, and languages, whereas the right synthesizes and is a source of dreams, art, feelings, etc.
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In this online test, you can see which side of the brain is your dominant side, meaning the side that is exercised more often. In this test, it said that I answered all questions as a left-side of the brain person. Does this mean that I hand dominance has no correlation with the brain sides?

The article states that people tend to label left-handed people as right-side of the brain oriented--but there is no apparent reason for this.  Studies show that the abilities of left-handed people are equal to the abilities of right-handed people. An article from Indiana University states that Paul Broca, who discovered the brain lateralization, also believed handedness to be directly related with the dominant side of the brain. Broca argued that a person who was right-handed was probably left-side dominant with their brain. However, the article states this correlation, is not always accurate: most left-handed people actually are left-side of the brain dominant, as well.  

Ultimately, the idea that handedness is associated with brain-side dominance is false. Not only is there little correlation between those who are left-handed and right-side dominant, but there is nothing to further convince us that handedness has actually caused this phenomena.  Scientists today are still unsure of what causes brain dominance, but they know it is not hand dominance!


Hey Megan! I enjoyed reading your post. I am right-handed but terrible at science and math, so I always found it a bit odd that I was considered "left-brained". But thanks for letting me know that this theory is false!
If you're interested in the whole right vs left brain concept, I think you should watch this . It shows a picture of a ballerina, some people see her turning clockwise, some see her turning counter-clockwise. Apparently the way you perceive it also determines which brain you use more.

I believe everyone uses both sides of their brain, each part used for different tasks, and that there is no real "dominance". Tell me what you think of the video!

Hey Jenny! I watched the video and I saw the ballerina rotating clock-wise, and according to the video, this means I have dominance with the right-side of my brain. However, I also took the quiz which I link to in my blog which told me that I was "left-brained." This makes me wonder, like what you said at the end of your post, whether there really is "dominance."

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