Is your dog part of the family?


My job over the summer was pretty boring. I was a "messenger" at a law firm in Pittsburgh, which is a glorified way of saying that I was at the bottom of the totem pole. Basically, I was responsible for brewing coffee, restocking printers with paper, parking cars, and other similar tasks. Not only was the workload small, but there were five other messengers to split everything up. The other messengers were also young, and with hours of time on our hands a variety of interesting topics were discussed. Sometimes these discussions would get intense, even if the subject matter didn't seem that inflammatory. For example, I was asked whether or not I would rather save my dog or a complete stranger if both were drowning in a lake. This was meant more as a joke, as something that wasn't even a real question. However, when I quickly chose my dog, my coworkers berated me. They claimed that I was a selfish idiot, and that there is no comparison between a human and a dog. I'd like to hear other people weigh in on this; I can't be the only one who would take my pup over a complete stranger. Before you make a decision, here are some facts and interesting tidbits on the interactions between pets and humans.

                According to and, 62% of Americans are pet owners. Over nine out of ten Americans (91%) consider their pet to be part of the family. It only takes spending a few minutes with a pet for the body undergo through physical changes that reduce stress. The level of cortisol, a hormone typically associated with stress, has been shown to drop significantly after interaction with a pet. In a study of 240 couples over a number of years, pet owners had lower blood pressure than non-owners. Caring for an animal has also been known to help with depression, most likely because a pet only knows unconditional love. This is a subtle, yet powerful aid for those struggling with feelings of sadness. Playing with a dog has been known to help kids with ADHD, not only from exercise, but from building self-esteem. The scientific facts build a strong case for owning a pet, but a more powerful argument is simply the joy and warmth that a pet exudes. My house always seems lonely when Diva is not at home. There are numerous well-known and undiscovered reasons to own a pet, yet my coworkers made it seem as though I was insane for wanting to save my dog before a random stranger. I'd like to hear from you about this, whom would you save and why? Am I just an idiot?




well, I have a dog in my home too.I miss him so much ..a data shows that keeping a pet in you home can make you more happy and your life more interesting." "Over nine out of ten Americans (91%) consider their pet to be part of the family. "
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I completely agree with you! Dogs make better friends than a lot of people in the world. I love animals more than anything but my mom hates them, so I was never lucky enough to have a dog growing up. But I love my best friend's beagles like they're my own and I would absolutely save them over a stranger. Dogs love unconditionally and they never judge anyone: that's why they're the perfect friends. You're not crazy!

I've had my dog for seven years now, and I completely agree with you: I'd, undoubtedly, save my dog before I saved a stranger. My mom refers to my dog as the third child in my family, and that's just how we've gotten used to it. But really thinking about it, we treat my dog with the same respect that we treat each other with, we play around with my dog just like we do with each other, and we provide our dog with life's necessities like we do for each other. One study I would be interested in seeing is the ratio of kids who grow up in a house with a pet to kids who grow up to have pets of their own. I really think if you grew up in a home with a pet, you are more likely to get a pet in the future with your own family, than someone who never had that experience as a child. As a "brother" to a schnoodle (a mini schnauzer-toy poodle mix), I can guarantee I will get a dog when I have my own family someday!

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