Is There Such Thing as a Chocolate Diet?



Apparently chocolate isn't as bad as you think. The New York Times wrote that "a new study shows that people who eat chocolate frequently have lower body mass indexes than those who eat it less often." I saw this article and knew I had to read it. I, a true chocolate lover, would kill to be able to just eat chocolate all day and have it be healthy. Apparently it is in moderation. The study shows that although chocolate is loaded with sugar and fat, scientists suspect that chocolate offers a boost for the metabolism and counteracts all of the calories.

            An associate professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego and a scientist on this study, Dr. Beatrice A. Golomb, says that chocolate has positive effects on the metabolism. Chocolate also helps with lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol, and the weight loss may be an added bonus. See! Who said chocolate wasn't good for you?

            Dr. Golomb's study involved one thousand adults. The researchers took note of how often the subjects exercised, what they ate and what the nutrients of their food were, and how their health and weight was associated with how much chocolate they ate. The study says that on average "the subjects were middle-aged, exercised about three times a week and ate chocolate about twice a week. There was no breakdown of the kinds of chocolate they ate, whether dark, milk or white." The people who ate the chocolate most frequently had lower body mass indexes. These people didn't exercise more than the ones who ate less chocolate. The difference in weight? Five to seven pounds lighter than those who ate no chocolate at all! AWESOME.

            Although there are other factors in dietary studies, such as age, gender and fat and caloric intake, the scientists said that they adjusted them and the findings were still significant. No matter which factors you added or took away, the people who ate more chocolate weighed less. But Dr. Golomb says, "It's not the case that eating the largest amount of chocolate is beneficial; it's that eating it more often was favorable. If you eat 10 pounds of chocolate a day, that's not going to be a favorable thing." So moderation is quite important. But nonetheless, now I have my own excuse to eat as much chocolate as I want.


Ahoy!A nice article about to eat or not to eat.Being a trueheart of chocolate,you exhausted Dr. Golomb's study to excuse you from eating chocolate as a hobby.But I do feel this study may neglected what kind of food those non-chocolate eaters take,and it dooes count.If those who actually weighted significantly more than chocolate-eater,they were on the quite certain level consuming an unhealthy diet,if only worse than chocolate diet.We should focus more on whether they are having a normal range of BMI than to compare those non-chocolate eaters and those do,since the former could be worse,but the latter is still not in a good shape.

Hi Tal,

Sweet blog post - literally! I am a chocoholic myself, so I appreciated the NYT article. I had another thought on why the BMIs could differ and have participants weights differ by 5-7 pounds. My mom and grandma are big into health and reading Weight Watchers-esque articles. They always say to eat what you're craving (even if it is chocolate), so you don't eat everything else and then eat the chocolate.

Clearly this isn't a scientific approach to the inconsistency, but I think it's truly a possibility. Eating habits in people vary a lot. If you eat what you crave from the get-go, you don't eat hundreds of other calories as well, since you've already satisfied the craving. This means you wouldn't pack on those extra pounds, even with the chocolate consumption.

Just a thought.. thanks for sharing this!

I find it really funny those you chose to blog about a possible chocolate diet because my most recent blog was also about dieting and what supposed healthy foods really are not that good for you. I find it very hard to believe that you can lose 5 to 7 pounds from chocolate but your information and sources back up the claim which is awesome! This website I found also talks about the chocolate diet: Chocolate diet . Your blog inspired me to look into this chocolate diet information and made me feel a little better about my chocolate consumption!

Hi Tal! Thank YOU for coming up with this article because I have been CRAVING chocolate since Monday (I'm currently having women's major problem...if you know what I mean). I have to admit how much I LOVE chocolate!! I used to munch in those milk chocolate bars everyday mmmmm! However, since I started to become more concerned of my health and fitness lifestyle...I tried to find some alternatives to these (lovable) milk chocolate bars. So yes, I even tried EATING on those Hershey's unsweetened chocolate bars...and it killed me. It was way too extreme! So I turned to DARK CHOCOLATE instead :D NOW I LOVE IT! My point is that I was also looking for some cool scientific articles based on the topic of "chocolate" and they were so many interesting ones! I was about to write on a topic of how chocolate does not cause pimples. But yes, I mean I have heard/seen people discussing about how chocolate is actually good for your health IF you consume it little by little. I mean, everyone needs something SWEET in their lives too, don't you think so :)? Great article once again!

Haha this is an awesome article. Now I don't feel as bad eating a Kit-Kat. What exactly causes the weight loss? Is it a specific ingredient in the chocolate? What differs it from other sweet treats. And does it officially allow me to have a chocolate fountain my house when im older? haha great article tho!

Tal, this is a great article topic! I have heard about this subject matter before, how chocolate can actually be good for your health and I always wondered what the truth was. I thought that you did a really good job of explaining the article that you found and bringing out the specifics of the study. After reading your post, I wish I was a part of the study just for the free chocolate! I would like to know what other types of food were eaten by the adults that lost weight, as well as what types of exercise they chose to partake in. I think that it is very true that chocolate can be good for you in moderation, like most foods, but I feel like there are so many other factors that went in to the adults losing weight. With that said, I still believe that it was a great study to look at and I think it was smart of you to quote the doctor saying that it is not smart to eat ten pounds of chocolate a day because that is not a favorable amount. Another topic that could further this discussion about chocolate being beneficial to us is the matter of dark chocolate. Experts say that if we are going to choose a chocolate, it should be dark. It is always good to hear that something we love might actually not be too bad for us!

Great article Tal. Chocolate is one of my favorite things in the world and seeing that it has its health benefits is comforting. But in my opinion, most things in moderation is okay. Anything that is overdone, over-consumed, overused, etc will definitely be bad for you. But as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, chocolate can have more benefits then weight (happiness?). I mean who doesn't love a nice piece of chocolate?

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