Is that opening window always good?


I've been in Penn State for over one month, living on campus. I share the room with my roommate and we always get well with each other ,except on the topic of opening the window. Actually, I love the fresh air. However, I think it is not good for us to open the window all day, from waking up till get asleep.

After negotiating, she agreed that we can close it when we sleep. When we discussed it further, she said that keep the window open is quite a good habit, because we need fresh air, and it will make us healthy.

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Then I did some researches on the Internet. It is true that a lot of health doctors suggest that a person wants to have a healthy body, he must develop good living habits. While the first one is one should  open the window more often so that keep air fresh. In an article, it said that health experts have longed warned of the dangers of "indoor air pollution," and it is for good reason: From mold spores to chemical off-gassing from paint, carpet, new furniture and cleaning products, sometimes the air in our homes and offices is many times more polluted than the air circulating outside.

And also According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental health concerns. Given that people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, it's important to do what you can to reduce indoor air pollution.

Well, after reading several articles about "it is healthy to open the window", I admit that we should open the window for several times a day. But I am still wondering if it is really good for us to open the window in anytime.

Finally, I found an article said that, many people are accustomed to let the windows open for ventilation as soon as they get up in the morning, in fact , it would be counterproductive to open the window at this time. The experts said that we should not open the window early in the morning , around six o'clock in the morning , the concentration of pollutants remain high. while the morning temperature is low , the air pressure is high , tiny dust in the air , poor gas are atmospheric pressure to beat to close to the ground , it is difficult to disseminate to the high-altitude , only when the sun rises , the temperature rises , the harmful gas will slowly dispersed .

And also, it is not wise for people who live in the city to do it. Around the streets with heavy traffic flow, the lower air is more stable at night than by day and thus, it is against the spread of pollutants.

The best time for us to open the window  is after the sun arise and about 9:00 am. So, It is good to open the window but we should also consider the place and time.


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Interesting topic but my question is, if we should only open the window during certain hours of the day should we, then, also go outside for certain hours of the day? Should we live in fear of the air we inevitably have to breathe or should we just breathe it because after all there's just about nothing we can do about it. I find the points to be interesting and never really though of the simp act of opening a window in that way, but your research makes me wonder whether fearing the outdoors at certain hours is what's next.

Well, just like it is not good to exercise in the early morning or foggy days dosen't mean that exercise is all bad. And I just focus on topic that it is not good to open the window all the time.

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