Is It Possible To Improve Your Memory?


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I have always wondered if it was possible to improve your memory. When I am deep in my studies, typically for a large exam, sometimes it seems as if I just have no more capacity in my brain to remember all of the information that I need to know. No matter how much I study, I cannot retain the course material. I have seen supplements being advertised to improve memory, but I wonder if it is actually possible to improve your memory.

Recently, a new drug has been discovered that blocks stress-enhancing molecules in the brain that improves memory and learning abilities in mice. Researchers think a future pill with these characteristics that can be used as a therapy for Alzheimer's in humans.

An enzyme, PKR, which protects against viral infections is used, having an effect on the brain. It responds to stress and regulates synaptic activity. Researchers also found another immune enzyme that took over some of PKR's memory functions. It is thought that this drug will be used best in a pill form or to b injected in the gut. It is also thought that in the future this can be used to help people who suffer memory loss.

Who knows? Maybe it is possible to improve your memory after all.





Interesting blog post. I've always struggled with keeping knowledge stuck in my head and there are many natural remedies for this! No need to stick needles into your gut just yet (although, for Alzheimer's patients, they need all the help they can get). For us struggling students, I suggest this. Taking B- vitamins to calm your nerves, eating raisins or walnuts to improve brain health (basically, any food that looks like a brain will probably help your brain is the way I like to think about it). I think its so important for us to keep our bodies healthy and free of body altering substances for as long as possible, if we can help it. Things like good sleeping patterns, healthy eating habits- plenty of fruits and veggies- and exercise will sure to aid in helping focus and memory. I think chewing gum is known to have some effect on helping you remember things, if you chew while you study.

I've always found it interesting how easily I can remember the lyrics to songs I haven't listened to in years, yet I can struggle to remember something I learned in class earlier in the day. I wonder if scientists are maybe looking at the wrong thing. Maybe there are different parts of the brain associated with memory and if we could find ways to utilize the parts of our brains that can remember lyrics and apply them to studying and learning this could help improve our memory. Overall I really liked your article I think its a really interesting topic and you should look more into it in latter blog posts! Also the comment above me speaks to other interesting ways of improving your memory that aren't associated with drugs.

I find that I personally struggle not only with remembering some course material I have literally just looked at, but also some that I have learned in years past. Take my psych test as an example. I was slightly overwhelmed with the amount of information I had to retain but I was relieved that the portions of information about neurons and the parts of the brain were all things I had learned in my human anatomy class junior year. Somehow, I knew I knew this information, remembered learning it, but failed to remember it on my own. Why is that? How do we come so close to remembering something and then entirely fail to recall it when it's necessary? Is there anything we can do to make information stay with us more "permanently" in case we ever need it again?

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