How I Cured Autism

Hey for some reason the first time I posted this the links didn't appear, so here it is again:

When I was a baby, I was diagnosed with autism, by several different doctors, they said I would never be able to understand human emotion, or even be able to talk, and should live in a hospital. It all seemed hopeless and devastating until my mom decided to test my allergies when I was 3. It turned out I was allergic to everything I liked to eat, I was allergic to corn, milk, every single fruit except bananas and pears, cinnamon, honey and food coloring. My favorite foods to eat were apple sauce, and cheerios (which contains corn). About 24 hours after I stopped eating the foods I was allergic to I started to talk! Basically my food allergies had the exact symptoms of Autism. You might think I got lucky and that this is a one time thing, but families all over the country have cured their children's autism in the same way. There is even an autism diet that has shown to help kids with autism, 

Also look at this,

  autism-and-nutrition.jpeg But don't get me wrong, this doesn't work on everyone with autism, just in some cases. But I feel like if you know someone with autism, they should definitely invest in getting their allergies tested.


My friends seven year old brother was diagnosed with autism, however, when I am around him he does not appear have the symptoms of autism. In my eyesight, he is just an energetic boys who loves to play and smile and is very smart. I understand that the diet does not work for everyone but I will recommend it to them, however, I am unsure as to whether or not they have actually tried the diet. My question is do all children that suffer from autism have the same symptoms?

I work with children who have been diagnosed at being autistic and children that have some pretty intense allergies to different food products (milk, nuts, apples, eggs, etc) so this article caught my eye. From my personal experience, when a parent hears that their child is diagnosed with autism, they typically take it and learn to deal with their child's new diagnosis. I don't typically hear of parents trying to "heal" their child with autism so it is pretty awesome your mom thought to do so. I guess I am still quite curious how food allergies, such as the ones you had, affected your ability to talk and gave you characteristics of autism.

I should have mentioned this but you should recommend they get their allergies tested, not just follow the diet, because for example, I was allergic to different things then on the diet, so the diet wouldn't have even helped me, i included it just to show mostly that food allergies cause autism symptoms in people other than me. Also yeah, there is a very wide spectrum of what is considered autism, from just seeming a little off to not being able to be left alone ever because you would hurt yourself

It's funny, she wasn't actually trying to cure me, it seemed hopeless, but she just happened to go get my allergies tested and that's what fixed it! Anyway, I've grown out of most of my allergies, some of them completely some I only feel a little bit when I eat them. Basically when I eat something I'm allergic to it makes me spacey,making it hard to think or concentrate, and I assume it was just much worse when I was a baby

This caught my eye because my older brother has asperger's. The day I found out he had it i was an innocent middle schooler and I thought to my self, "well that explains a lot." I didn't realize the repercussions it had on him and to this day I still feel he was dealt bad cards. He is one of the smartest kids I know, but he is what some would call "goofy." I find it hard to believe that that food could have fixed this issue, but I'm glad it worked for you!

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