Horoscopes...Fact or Fiction?

I've always been intrigued by horoscopes. Every time I read my supposed "future" and my likenesses, it always seems to be more or less accurate. Well, plenty of scientists have tried to put the idea of astrology and horoscopes to the test. Last year, a team of researchers compiled all Yahoo! horoscopes from the previous year and filtered certain words. What they found was pretty interesting. Roughly 90% of all horoscopes, used the same "catch words". That is to say, that though the horoscopes seem to be making bold claims, and predicting certain outcomes or emotions, they are so masterfully worded, that hardly anything of substance is being told. 

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Another theory is that looking at all of the horoscopes together, sure, many of them make predictions. But in reality, if you look at what is being said, they've stated every possible outcome. Essentially, it'd be like flipping a coin, and calling heads and tails simultaneously.  With this logic, of course the horoscope isn't wrong, but it isn't exactly right either.

After reading many of my own horoscopes while doing this post, I found that some seemed accurate to a tee, and others not so much. What do you think? For you, does the shoe fit?


This is very interesting and clever for horoscope makers. It's almost like fortune telling scams where they give you a vague answer that is left to interpretation. I think its less of a chance sort of thing, but the answers that horoscopes give lead to multiple interpretations, which would be different for every person based on whatever their situation is. I'd much rather stick to fortune cookies personally though.

I found the article that you linked to to be very interesting. I admit that I check my horoscope on a daily basis, but I am not a very big believer in them actually being a predictor of my day. I, too, have noticed that most of the time the horoscope is so broad that it could apply to many different aspects of my life, people in my life, and situations I am faced with throughout the day. I can almost always make the horoscope apply to a situation that occurs that day...which leads me to believe that they are not actually based off of any "science," but are fabricated "predictions" that are used to pull people in enough to keep them hooked on horoscopes.

Horoscopes are very interesting and they can be fun! However you never hear of people changing their lives for any metaphysical telling. But there is nothing wrong with seeing what the Greek gods will think of your future or reading your horoscope or zodiac sign! It all depends on what you believe and if you take these horoscopes to heart then that is your decision. What you believe is what you believe and no one should be able to convince you otherwise.

I have always found horoscopes to be very vague, which would make them applicable to anyone. However, for whatever reason I know my aunt has always sworn by them. I'm not really sure what makes them so important to her, or why she believes they always come true. But, I think that what happens is people in general want to believe that not everything is in their control or up to them. I think my aunt enjoys the idea that something that's going to happen to her has already been decided and she doesn't have to worry about it! But I think that's why I've never really believed in or liked them, I'm kind of a controlling person. Not in a bad way, but I like to be in control of my life and what goes on in it. How does everyone else feel about that aspect? Do you agree some people don't like them because it takes away some amount of power from them in their own lives?

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