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I highly doubt that I am the only one in this class that struggles with chronic acne. I also doubt that I am the only one who grew up loving milk, ice cream and cheese. I have had several conversations with many dermatologists and most of them have told me that acne is not caused by the food that we eat. I am not trying to undermine their professional opinions because they are all (from what I can tell anyway) well- educated people. However, I'm just not sure that I believe them any longer.

            Some of you may have already heard or read about the suspicions that dairy products are a big factor of sever, chronic acne. Researchers have found a strong correlation between dairy consumption and acne. But wait a sec, isn't milk supposedly the perfect food? According to Dr.Mark Hyman and Seppo Puusa the answer is no... at least, not for humans anyway.

             The biggest link between milk and acne comes in the form of hormones. Milk is supposed to make living beings grow. As a result it is loaded with hormones such as IFG-1, testosterone and DHT-like hormones that each contribute to milk's acne-causing status.

            IFG-1 or Insulin like growth factor-1 triggers skin cell growth. Rapid skin cell growth leads to extra dead skin cells, which lead to clogged pores, which eventually leads to pimples.

            Women can sometimes have high testosterone levels. This can cause not only unwanted facial hair growth but also acne in the chin region.

Last but no least the DHT-like hormone is transformed into dihydrotestosterone  or DHT quickly after entering the body. DHT provokes excess sebum production leaving the skin oily and making it more prone to acne. 

In addition to hormones, milk is also full of bacteria, even after pasteurization. Milk can contain measurable quantities of many different toxins such as but not limited to: herbicides, pesticides, blood, pus, feces, and viruses to name a few. Once consumed our bodies attempt to rid our systems of these substances thus causing inflammation and sometimes leading to big red pimples. 

In conclusion, if you are chronic acne sufferer and an avid milk drinker / dairy product eater you may want to consider altering your diet. I know I will be. 


very interesting topic. I wonder if people who are lactose intolerant unable to get chronic acne because of their bodies reaction to diary products such as milk.

This is definitely very relatable...I'm wondering if people who consume organic dairy products are just as prone to acne, since they're less bombarded by hormones.

I would have never guessed milk would be a cause of this. Or is it? It could just be that people that have bad acne happen to drink more milk, but that doesn't necessarily mean that because they drink milk they will have bad acne. And what about the people that have chronic acne, and consume very little dairy products? I do not think milk/dairy products are a big factor of chronic acne, but, maybe the amounts you consume are a factor of it.

This is an interesting take on something I've wondered for years. Like you, I have been told by many dermatologists that the food you eat doesn't effect acne yet in my experience the opposite seems to be true. I found an interesting article from MSNBC that references recent studies that are proving many dermatologists wrong.

I became interested in this topic about two years ago when one of my friends who suffered from chronic acne told me that when she cut dairy from her diet it made a huge difference in the clarity of her complexion. I realize that that is only one story and does not prove anything. I do not know if dairy is the main culprit but I do believe based on research that it has a hand in it. I am a firm believer though that what we eat affects our skin. This summer I had a conversation with an aesthetician who told me that anything that our body wants to rid itself of will at some point show up on the skin. I notice with my own skin that my complexion gets worse when I eat chocolate which every dermatologist says is a complete fallacy but it seems to cause acne whenever I over-indulge.

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