First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

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First impressions are very important in our day and age. Members of society hardly ever forget their first impressions of people they are acquainted to. It always seems to be an inside joke later of how people first thought of someone compared to how they are to them now. My best friend Alyssa is always the butt of every first impression joke. When I first met her I asked her one of the most common questions in the world: "How old are you?". She immediately replied with, "Oh, i don't take pills" because she misunderstood my question. She was not being attentive to what I had to say. Now, I can honestly say that I will never forget that first impression for as long as I live. Even though we are best friends now and I learned that she doesn't have something mentally wrong with her, I will never let her live down the first impression I have of her.

After going through a week of hell (aka sorority recruitment) I have come to realize how important first impressions truly are. With open houses of sorority recruitment, you only have fifteen minutes to make them want to invite you back. Therefore, first impressions are crucial in order to make it to the sorority you want. First impressions are made on the surface. Its all about how you dress, your physique, your body language, and demeanor. It is important to present yourself how you would want people to remember you forever in order to get where you want. Here is a graph researchers made to show us how people first perceive some one. 

 So since most of us are new to Penn State, I think it is important for us to learn a few important tips on how to make great impressions so we don't have to be the butt of any joke later. 

1. Be yourself: No one wants to be the person who is known to try hard and to pretend to be like something they are not. If you be yourself, you'll get farther and be more comfortable with the people later on when your true self comes out. 

2. Be open and confident: Even if you don't feel confident, it is important to still present yourself that way. You also need to be open minded because not everyone has the same personality and beliefs that you do. Also, remember to smile!

3. Present yourself appropiately: As much as we don't want to believe it, appearance does matter. As long as you are dressed appropriately for the occasion and your age, anyone should be fine. It also might be nice to shower and comb  your hair.

There are more <a href="">tips</a>, but i felt like these were the most important ones to include. Science has shown us many different studies on first impressions and how important they really are. anyone can land the job they want, a date, or a life long friendship. First impressions are lasting impressions, don't ruin an opportunity just because of the way you presented yourself the first time you meet someone! 


1 Comment

I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. I think that first impressions can be the difference between what makes a relationship/friendship/business venture etc or what breaks it. I also agree with the suggestions you made, such as being open, confident, outgoing and dressing appropriately. BUT what about people who express more antisocial behaviors? Not everyone can be confident when they first meet someone so what are some things you suggest to them?
Also, this question might sound a little weird, but if someone is the opposite of all the aspects you just mentioned (i.e someone who to keeps to his/herself or is a little on the shy side and doesn't necessarily work on his/her appearance wouldn't that make you want to get to know the person a little more? Personally speaking I think that someone who has a mysterious air to them is interesting ! :-) Do you think that making decisions about someone off of the first impression is always a good thing?

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