Epic Fail or Not?

       So, your first SC200 exam was yesterday, and from the looks of it - most of you did an AWESOME job! Congrats! As for the rest of the class, maybe you didn't do so hot. . . That's totally A-Okay! Like I said in the first week of class, I didn't feel like I did very well on the exams either - but you can still do well in this class!
       So what are you going to do now? Well, for starters I strongly suggest going back through the exam (I believe Andrew will hold a review session) and look at the answers you missed. Often times if you look back through the exam, you can see why you missed the question. You may have missed it because: you didn't understand the question, didn't have notes on the topic, or were totally lost. In any case, Andrew can help you understand it & if you didn't have the notes, well then you know you need to start taking better notes in class!        
       Another helpful tip about going to these review sessions: sometimes the type of question you missed will be on another exam. So, if you go to the review session, figure out what you did wrong & understand it - you'll be much more prepared to answer that type of question the second time you see it!

       Just remember. It is not the end of the world if you didn't do as well as you would have liked on this exam! It can be tricky to adjust to exams, but just be sure to review the questions you missed, take GOOD notes & don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't fully understand a topic. Plus, you can still keep your grade up if you did not do so great on this exam: you have the blogs and extra credit opportunities! So don't stress! Keep in mind to be more prepared & review your notes thoroughly before the next exam!
I'm sure you guys will be just fine!

Have a good rest of the week & feel free to enjoy some amazing new music from Mumford & Sons:)


Thank you for leaving some study tips for us students. Often, students will become very anxious or nervous when tests are coming up in the future. I wonder what in the body triggers those emotions. It would be cool to see if someone wrote a blog about that. I also think it would be cool if Andrew did a survey to see if people studied or prepared for the test, and then correlated it to how everyone did.

Nicholas: it sounds like you have a great topic for a blog essay! As far as I can tell, no one else has blogged about it, so feel free to do some research & give us your take! I found an article that has some pretty interesting facts about taking exams & a person's anxiety to get you started, if you'd like! I'm glad you liked my post, Happy Blogging!

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