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My feet hurt.  I don't want to move. However, the time between me comfortably reclining on many plush pillows and having to get up to make the dreaded walk to class is quickly dissolving.  Why do my legs hurt so badly today? I walk every other day and usually don't have these sorts of knee and ankle pains.  Why am I feeling so tired and unable to function? This is really not cool.

Turns out, like many of you experiencing the same fatigue and soreness, the cause is simply dehydration.  Practically all body functions are associated with fluid balance. When these fluid balances are not in check, it means our hearts are working harder to give our skin and muscles the oxygen and nutrients they need to have us all functioning at our best- something I find rare at college classes.  I don't know about you guys, but in class after a long night (who sleeps here?)  I've been increasingly finding myself tired, unable to concentrate, and sometimes stricken with headaches, light headedness, and muscle soreness.  These are all common symptoms of dehydration- and they happen because of the fact that our bodies must redirect our blood away from the skin and towards our working muscles. This means our bodies cannot diffuse heat as efficiently as it should. This makes our body temperatures rise, which results in all of the unpleasant symptoms previously listed. Of these, muscle and joint soreness arises from the cartilage protecting our joints suffering more friction from not being at its proper fluid level. That's why my knees and ankles hurt so badly.

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If you feel any of these things like me, or find that you cant quite remember something you were just told 10 minutes ago also like me, you should go drink some water. Staying properly hydrated will make you more attentive and perceptive in class, something we all could use a little extra help at. Not to mention, with everyone all of a sudden coughing up a storm every lecture, water is what allows our bodies to flush out toxins.  With out it, the body may produce an overload of histamine, which then in turn interferes with the body's resistance to infections.

            Even more than allowing better attention and health, water will keep you looking fine. Not being hydrated may cause breakouts and dry skin. Our skin requires nutrients and hydration just like every other organ in our bodies (yes skin is an organ). Water will allow your skin to reach its maximum health and beauty potentials.

            If nothing else convinced you yet, this probably will: Water will help reduce your risk of the odious 'freshman 15'. Dehydration is a huge culprit in causing innocent people with gluttonous cravings. What you think is a craving for food, caffeine, sugar, or what has you is really a craving to quench your body's thirst.  The more you drink water, the fewer cravings one will have. This is due to the fact that water helps you from feeling hungry. If you drink the proper amount of water (about 4 pints daily) you'll be able to understand the difference between real hunger and simple thirst.

            If any of us want to survive here, looks like we better start drinking.

 image sourcehttp://www.ihaveosteoarthritis.com/resources/KNEE%20Osteoarthritis.jpg?timestamp=1242819426312 


Wow, as someone who recently started drinking at least 32 oz of water a day I was interested to learn about all the health benefits I'm currently receiving. In addition to drinking water throughout the day it's also important to drink water in the morning. Doing so helps you feel alert, refreshed, and even gets your metabolism going. Your post made me wonder, is there a downside to drinking too much water?

Wow this post is interesting. I've experienced some symptoms from being dehydrated as well. It sucks. The symptoms I experienced from being dehydrated were a little different from yours though; would feel weak. I figured that dehydration was the reason that I was feeling this way so I started drinking more, and that helped.

I also find it interesting that being dehydrated can cause muscle soreness, lightheadedness, and headaches. One would think that being dehydrated would only cause obvious symptoms like a dry mouth. It's fascinating how the body is like a machine that knows itself better than we do.

Prior to experiencing this I didn't realize how important it is to stay hyrdrated. Now I know that if I have at least 36 ounces of drink a day, I will avoid these symptoms of being weak.

I just want to suggest though that possibly if you experience those symptoms again, you should ask a pharmacist what vitamins you should take because lack of vitamins can sometimes cause the body to act funny.

Yes, there is- you can die haha. It is known as water intoxication, and it basically means you drown yourself from the inside. However this only happens if you drink a ridiculous amount of water in a ridiculously short time, like Jennifer Strange who died in 2007 while trying to win a Wii by consuming a lot of water and not using the rest room. When you drink this much water, and note the amount varies per individual, you throw off the necessary presence of electrolytes in the body which then effects the body's sodium concentration. This causes massive cell damage because the cells cant handle this concentration change, so they begin to admit excessive amounts of water in attempt to increase the sodium concentration. They then end up bursting due to pressure.

I dont think any of us are going to have that problem though... Wii's are not that cool anyway haha.

Full Deets Here : http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/life/human-biology/water-intoxication.htm

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