Dreaming makes you smart!



Hard to believe isn't it? I mean i always thought that dreaming makes us a little slow. We all have them days when we woke up and five seconds later could not remember what you just dreamed of. Or is it just me?

Well Scientist had studied that dreaming actually makes people a little smarter; specifically nap time dreams. Scientist found that when you take a nap in the middle of learning a new skill that you rememeber more and get a quite understanding of the skill when you wake up.

What scientist did was put 99 college students to a computer and have them try to go through a difficult virtual maze. They started at different positions everytime they came to a dead end and was told to find trees to help get through. After 90 minutes into the study half of the participants were told to go to sleep while the other half stayed awake. After a minute of sleep the participants were woke and asked about their dreams. 4 of the participants told that their dreams were connected with the maze. After giving another try on the maze those 4  participants found the trees faster than the ones who did not sleep.

Clearly dreams can be helpful. Read more on the article and experiment here at Science News for Kids 


Wow! Does this really work? I fell asleep during a lecture on Hinduism today and all I noticed was my handwriting slowly getting worse... Hopefully when I take the test this will be true! I mean Hindu meditation does stabilize the mind.. Maybe thats what I was doing! Could dozing off for a few minutes be the same concept?

This is definitely an interesting thought. I have to wonder, though, if it was really the sleep that helped the study participants, or if it was just taking a break from the difficult maze and clearing their mind. And it's kind of odd that only 4 people [out of the 50 who slept] dreamed of the maze and were able to improve.

But it would be great if sleeping did help when faced with a difficult task, especially with things other than mazes, like exams.

Sleep is the period when the brain recharges. The learning aspect reminds me of saving your progress in a video game, locking in the data to come back to later. Without recharging the brain by not sleeping, you are more inclined to fall asleep when you are supposed to be paying attention, and more likely to forget things.

As for remembering dreams, the only ones I can really remember were the really realistic ones or the recurring ones. If they were really weird and outlandish, unless I actively think about it in the morning, I forget all about it. I usually mostly imagine total darkness and silence, though, so I can't say that I remember dreaming every night.

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