Dragons (For real this time)

how-to-train-your-dragon-toothless-cat-like-shot.jpgThinking about what to write for this class, I could only come back to this subject. It seemed reasonable enough, and I've also just watched "How to Train Your Dragon" so the topic was fresh on my mind.

Could dragons exist?

Now it seems like a very silly question because its generally believed that dragons are completely fake and just told as myths. This conclusion is due to lack of evidence, unrealistic biology, and questionable physics. Basically, dragons don't exist because there are no fossils, they can't breathe fire, and they shouldn't be able to fly. I will discuss these three topics in my next several blogs.

But today, I will argue if dragons ever existed in history and try to come up with a feasible explanation as to why fossils of dragons are never found.

To this day, no fossils of dragons have ever been found; however many different cultures have stories of dragons even though the possibility of them discussing dragons is very low.

The first mentioned dragon resided in Greece, but there have also been stories of dragons in European, Slavic , ancient Indian, Persian, and Jewish cultures. Not to mention the numerous dragon stories told all throughout China, Japan, Vietnam, and all over Southeast Asia.

Maybe the themes are different, but the characteristics of a dragon are very similar. They can fly, they are gigantic, they can usually breathe fire, and they are dangerous predators.

So the question that comes to mind: 
How could dragons be involved in so many different people's lives, but still be a myth?

According to Dr. Hogarth, an expert biologist and theorist of dragon existence, a dragon's remains could possibly be dissolved by caustic acids formed in its stomach (which also explains their flying ability and ability to breathe fire). As the body begins to decay, these acids start to burn away at the bones and muscles to leave no traces of the mythical dragon.
So if somehow these dragons could  have a metabolism involving dangerous acids and have a biology that could withstand those acids and release them at death, it could explain the "non-existence" of dragon fossils.

This explanation is much more feasible to scientists because many other animals have bodies that are able to contain dangerous chemicals, specifically poison, to help protect them. These poisons are capable of paralyzing, burning, and killing off any unfortunate animal, which could allude to the harm that dragons purportedly cause in European cultures.

Next time, I'll discuss how these very same acids are used for a possible way of flight for the proposed huge dragons in various myths. Maybe to keep on task, I'll make a set day to work on these blogs...




Hey Eugene, great idea to post on such a mysterious subject. Im wondering if there are any animals/ species who contain poisons that do dissolve there bone and muscle tissue completely post death? Is that why the explanation is more feasible to scientists? Also, how do caustic acids aid/ and or allow flight? Im clearly not the dragon expert haha. look forward to your following posts

I agree great idea to post about this subject. I have also always wondered how creatures we see as mythical could end up in so many different different cultures and myths. My only question would be how could they survive with an acid in their body strong enough to completely decompose any trace of their existence? It would be intersting to figure out what enzymes or other protective mechanisms they used to protect themselves from something like this. Granted there are no dragons to observe and test this sort of thing on but, but it would be really intersting to find out.

@Porter I've made another blog describing the flight section, and you can check that out here. The acids would form as a byproduct of flight from what I can understand.

@Shanielle I am also curious with how dragons could hold such an acid within their body, but the human body contains hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which dissociates in water easily if anyone remembers anything from chemistry. Perhaps dragon's have a weaker acid that could dissolve the body, and not dissolve in water.

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