Does smoking really kill you?

People are always saying "don't smoke, its bad for you. You will die if you do it". Yet people continue to smoke anyway. There are many people around the world that smoke cigarettes every day for many years without anything fatal happening to them because of smoking. If smoking did really kill you then I believe that there would not be millions of smokers around the world. So the question is...if you smoke, will you die from it?
     According to roughly half of adult smokers think that smoking will give you lung cancer. But, according to them that is wrong. They say that you can get circulatory or cardiovascular disease. Smoking induced circulatory disease is a silent killer, which makes it extremely dangerous. 
     According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 28% of smoking related deaths are because of cardiovascular disease. The two top killers- heart disease and strokes. 
     If thinking about getting cardiovascular disease doesn't scare you, how about thinking about all of the chemicals that are inside one cigarette. There are more than 4,000 chemicals inside a little cigarette. Out of those 4,000 disgusting chemicals, there are over 60 known carcinogens. top it off, the tobacco that is inside of the cigarette has co-carcinogens. These co-carcinogens speed up the process of getting cancer...which will kill you.
     According to a study 70% of smokers want to quit smoking, and over 40% of smokers attempt to quit. Unfortunately, only roughly 5% succeed in quitting cold turkey, because of highly addictive nicotine.
     The the answer to my original question, can smoking actually kill you, is in fact yes. Why? Because  when you smoke you can absorb up to 90% of the 0.5-2 milligrams of the nicotine that is inside the cigarette.Nicotine affects your nervous system, brain, and heart rate, which will kill you if they are not working properly.

So in conclusion, smoking is bad for you and will kill you. Although you may not feel the effects of smoking right away, they will happen eventually and will be fatal. 


Hey, i thought your blog was intresting! Im not a cigarette smoker, although I have smoked a couple in my life, but my question is what if its not a cigarettes? I know that nicatine is the main demon to a smokers death, but wouldnt smoking anyhting cause your nervous system to slow or shut down, and heart rate lower?


I am not a smoker but I have family members that smoke on a regular basis. It is scary to think that even though the average smoker is more than likely setting themselves up for some serious cardiovascular health issues they may not even realize it. I thought it was even more crazy how such a small amount of smokers who attempted to quit actually succeeded. I decided to look into this a little farther and found that it is the nicotine in them. The most shocking thing I learned though from my research is that tobacco companies actually have methods to remove the nicotine content from them but refuse to do so, for obvious reasons. If smoking is known to kill, something needs to be done to alter the nicotine levels to make them less addictive so it is easier for those who want to quit.

This was a great topic to discuss. I am not a smoker as well but my grandpa smoked for 45 years. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 75 and passed away shortly after. What kids do not understand is that smoking will eventually catch up to you. I was very shocked to find out that there are over 4,000 chemicals inside a little cigarette. Big tobacco companies are killing people to make a profit. On a final note, the age to buy alcohol and tobacco should be consistent since they both have detrimental effects on the body. What makes one worse than the other?

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