Do You Have An Out of Shape Brain?

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    I know since the time I was in fourth grade, I was on my own doing homework.  My parents could not help me because they just forgot how to do it all.  Unfortunately, as we get older our brains tend to get more and more out of shape.  When one is a student in school, he or she is learning a variety of subjects in a day, keeping our brains energized and expanding and ready to learn.  For people like our parents, they are stuck in their daily routine.  They have the same job and do the same thing everyday.  This is how your brain gets out of shape.  It is proven a high school student will know a topic better than an adult even if they both learned the same thing.  
   It is also proven you do not have to be old to have an out of shape brain.  We all know when we are physically out of shape, such as if we didn't go to the gym and we just feel gross about ourselves.  Well our brains don't feel "out of shape" as quickly as our bodies.  If you tend to be forgetful of things on a daily basis, read simple books because harder ones are a challenge for you and you think learning is boring, these are also symptoms of your brain not being in shape.  At such a young age we should also be exposing ourselves to more media and news to keep our brains fully functioning.  
    Our brains do grow with use.  The older you are the more ideas you can create, if you keep your mind in the right state.  "Studies have shown that those seniors who play chess, card games, solve puzzles, or pursue an interesting hobby, not only have a great attitude, but they are also biologically younger than others of the same chronological age"(Rana).
     I think this quote is so true.  I feel as if the older people right now are filled with more knowledge than us kids are.  I know in my own experiences, my grandfather always loves to keep up on the news, whether it is sports, politics, weather etc. he knows it all.  He also reads many books and plays sports such as raquetball to keep his brain going.  My grandmother plays card games with her friends all of the time and even though she is retired she is constantly doing something.  
    It is easier to get into a healthy mental state than it is to get into a healthy physical state.  All we need to do as the future generation of this country is to stay involved and stay educated.  It takes a certain personality and drive to want to maintain a healthy brain.  The future depends on us and our in shape brains.  
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Super interesting blog weird to think that once we're old we won't be as mentally stimulated as we are now. I feel like this subject has been brought up frequently in the last few years just because as people get older, they are realizing their mind isn't as sharp as it used to be. Maybe it's even possible that older folks are so filled with knowledge, that it's hard to sort through everything they know.

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