DMT: Solving the Mysteries of Our Existence?

Ever wonder why you dream every night?  Ever wonder about other dimensions and if they really exist?  While questions like these may seem almost unanswerable, they can be somewhat explained by a molecule called dimethyltryptamine or DMT.  DMT is a molecule released by the pineal gland (located in the center of our brains) during rapid eye movement sleep and at the moments before death.  It is also an extremely potent psychadelic drug.  DMT can be found in a plethora of life forms such as plants and mammals, including humans.  Advocates of psychadelics believe that DMT may be here for a reason and help explain the true meaning of life.

Standup comedian and Fear Factor host, Joe Rogan is huge supporter of psychadelics, particularly dimethyltryptamine.  He describes the pineal gland in the human brain as a third eye.  This eye, rather than seeing the physical world, can see into the depths of the human conscience.  Rogan believes that having psychadelic experiences is an essential part in human life and is the best way to see the world from a different, and possibly more important, point of view.  I learned the information above and much more from this interview with Joe Rogan.  Rogan is not the only supporter of this intense psychadelic drug, though.  There is a whole community who believe DMT to be extremely significant and revealing.  Many even call the substance, "the spirit molecule."  There is actually a book titled, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, written by Dr. Rick Strassman.  There is also a documentary of the same name, which can be found on Netflix.

This documentary is extremely interesting a features a variety of doctors and scientists and their opinions on dimethyltryptamine.  Everyone should check this documentary out.  It is crazy to see such intelligent and renowned people support such an illegal substance.  This movie is eye opening because it displays how government control and propaganda can give a horrible connotation to possibly one of the most important molecules in the universe.


I have the most detailed and strangest dreams of anyone I know, so this was interesting to read. I can also remember my dreams in extreme detail for long periods of time. I wonder if some people release more DMT than others?

This is funny because my and one of my roommates were literally just talking about DMT, Joe Rogan, and this documentary the other day! I haven't watched the documentary yet, but it is definitely something I will watch once I have some spare time. I think Joe Rogan is an interesting character, and I find some of his views on life fascinating, particularly his thoughts on how humans are basically just an advanced form of bacteria.

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