Daydreaming: Good? Bad?

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daydreaming-girl.jpg All humans daydream, even animals. Sometimes we decided when we want to daydream, other times we do it unconsciously. You could be daydreaming while reading this for example. (DON'T DO THAT!) This is important information for you that you might not have known about before. So is daydreaming good or bad? Well it's obviously bad when you're daydreaming during an important lecture, then the exam comes and a question pops up that you have no idea how to answer and you're like, "I must have been day dreaming when we learned this, damn!" Then you get really upset and make a pact with yourself to never daydream again because it's making you fail exams. Well, stop right there.

NewBrain_640.jpg Do you know what daydreaming is an indicator of? What goes on in our minds while we are daydreaming? Is daydreaming an independent variable that has an effect on some dependent variable in our minds?

Well, a recent study conducted by psychologists Daniel Levinson and Richard Davidson from University of Wisconsin claim that they have uncovered a mental process that goes on in our working memory during daydreaming, which is a part of the same memory system that helps us tell the difference between colors, helps us remember where we left our iPhones, and allows us to simultaneously do different tasks, like studying and watching T.V. (DON'T DO THAT!)

brain.jpg This is an actual brain test results on a subject while daydreaming, the source of this specific study is right here

So, they gathered some participants and measured their working memory during daydreaming and found that a more vigorous mind is more likely to daydream!

BUT, here is a thought: does daydreaming make us have a vigorous mind? OR people who already have a vigorous mind are more likely to daydream? It might be a reverse causality after all. What do you think it is?

Source of the study.

Well in conclusion, we should not desire to stop daydreaming, what we should do is to try to CONTROL daydreaming. By that, I mean to try harder not to daydream during an important lecture, instead, daydream while driving or something. (DON'T DO THAT!) Or you'll end up like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Car_crash_1.jpg

But seriously, daydream when it is safe to do so. You will get the most benefits out of it with no harm to you, physically or academically.

1 Comment

I am a huge daydreamer and I would always get yelled at by parents, teachers and friends for doing so (especially if I was driving at the time). After reading your blog I now know that daydreaming is not something that should be avoided and that's great to know because I love to sit back and think about pretty much anything. I just need to learn how to better control my timing of daydreaming.

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