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Oftentimes I've tried to straighten my naturally curly hair into submission. Sticking a hot iron onto dead skin cells seems cruel and unusual punishment for not waking up in the middle of the 1970s, but even after an hour of pulling a hot iron through my hair, my curls will fight their way back, and I'm left wondering why couldn't I have been born with hair that doesn't look like I've been electrocuted?

According to an article  in The Telegraph, a British newsletter, curly hair can actually be predicted through a gene called trichohyalin, thus making it easier for scientists to create a "cure" for curly hair that doesn't involve bleaching your head and making it feel like it has been set on fire. While only 15% of Europeans have curly hair, it's 90% likely to be passed down a generation. So if your parents had hippie hair, you're probably going to have to battle with the flat iron as well. 

Because genetics are playing a larger role in the hair world, it may be easier to simply  create a pill that someone can take in order to make their hair straighter...It's sounding too good to be true, but given that amino acids make up most of what structure your dead skin cells take, maybe chemical differentiation is all you really need. Problem is, should we really be popping more pills just so we can start looking like the Kardashians?  

Nick Martin, a professor who went to talks with a Parisian cosmetic company, admitted such a pill is still years away from being open to the public, and would have to undergo many tests before being deemed safe (

After doing some research in order to decide whether or not I would take the pill, what shocked me was not the effects of the pill itself. I actually found that I should be happier with my curls, seeing as, according to an American study, curly hair tangles less than straight hair. Strands of straight hair move as individual units, thus clump together, whereas curly strands move as one whole unit. So maybe, in the long run, having one giant 'fro isn't nearly as mock-able as one would think. On average, our "kind" is only likely to get hair tangles three times per week, whereas the straight-haired get tangles an average of five times per week. So by the time this pill comes out, I'll be flaunting my curly hair and partying like it's 1972. 

What about my fellow curly-haired students? Would you trust, or want, a hair straightening pill? What kinds of effects do you think the pill itself would induce?  

1 Comment

Hello my fellow curly-haired friend! A pill for curing curly hair is definitely not something I thought I’d find on this blog. I agree with much of what The Petition Site has to say. Having a “cure” for curly hair makes it seem like a disease, condition, illness, ailment, etc. Last time I checked, having ringlets or waves (or even frizz…gasp!) wasn’t life threatening. I personally have curly hair, and for the majority of my life wasn’t thrilled with this. But I think the deeper issue is coming to terms with yourself and having the confidence to rock your hair, regardless of what it looks like. Straighten it all you want, it makes no difference to me. But the second you take hormone drugs to change your hair, I think you’ve gone too far.

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