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     Do u have this kind of feeling that always get sever pain of head  after crying?
     Actually, I do have. I am the people who cannot stop crying when I encounter some terrible things.. So I cried after I got a fail in my blog post..However, I find that every time after crying; I will get a sever headache..It will lasts for more than half-a-day. That's really confused me. How can crying do with headache??
      I thought the pain may due to the following reason, through my knowledge accumulated from high school science class.
     When I cry, my brain is in an extremely nervous state, the brain needs more the blood. And also, sniffles itself makes breathing becomes unstable, the brain will temporarily be dificient in the blood supply. That may cause  the lacks of the oxgen. Then I may feel dizziness or headache. Sometimes I talk a lot on the phone with my friends and I will also get pain of my head, and that maybe the same reanson..
    But it is just my opinion..I should find some specific materials to support it or reject it.
    Does crying really related to my headache, or not? And how can it cause a headache?
It is said on the "Crying due to stress or sadness releases certain kinds of stress hormones from the body. These hormones can cause other effects, including tension or migraine headaches." After reading this, I realized maybe something that make me cry is the true reason that make me feel headache?
    There's another statement I found in, It is said "If you get a headache after you cry, you may be experiencing dehydration. Crying causes you to lose water from your body and painful headaches are often a sign of dehydration. Stress caused by whatever is making you cry can also lead to tension headaches. "
    This makes a sense that " stress causes crying can also lead to the headaches."
    My mother told me that if I feel headache after crying I can put a cool towel on my head, and it is really a effective way to reduce the pain. However, there are also some method from the internet teach us how to prevent the headache after crying  " prevent headaches when crying by avoiding dehydration. Drink plenty of water after a bout of crying to replace fluid loss and prevent headaches. Women should drink 50 oz. of water per day, while men should drink 70 oz. of water daily to avoid dehydration headaches. Avoid using alcohol while you are crying. Alcohol can further lead to dehydration and headaches." 
    Maybe you can try next time after you relaxed from stress by crying.

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this is a very interesting article although I will admit i rarely ever cry but when I do I have episodes with migraines and headaches like you said. Its amazing how one chemical reaction in your body connects with other functions like hormonal activity. there is an article that says crying is very healthy for you and its real interesting. if you would like to read it here is the

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