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Have you ever wondered how someone gets so good at darts? I can't imagine someone practicing for hours and hours just to win a bar game. According to the University of Cologne study its all about confidence. The study split up a group of 47 and had one group just shoot at the dartboard, the other group was shown pictures of powerful words before they shot. The second group was 14% closer than the control group. The second group with those powerful words in their head the shooters had more confidence going into the shot. However further searching into the study leads to more questions.
Can a study of only 47 people really be conclusive evidence? The study of prayer and healing had over 3,000 people in it leading to more conclusive evidence. It is very possible that the control group had all the crappy players. The low numbers of this study do not create enough randomness to cancel out chance. Without this assurance the study cannot be deemed conclusive.

Although the study isn't conclusive I fully believe the findings to be completely accurate. Playing golf has taught me the power of confidence. If you don't have the confidence that the putt will go in the hole then it never will. It is the same with every sport from basketball to bowling. In basketball you need confidence to make the free throw at the end of the game, in bowling you need confidence to pick up the spare n the 10th frame. In sports confidence can be as important as skill.  


well, I am always a person lack of confidence.. your blog makes me thinks a lot....Sometimes,I need others cheers and praise to build up my confidence....
So, if my classmates told me ," hey you can do well in this exam, u r good at it" maybe I will do much better than before... Whatever, I really believe the power of confidence. Just, believe in yourself , then u can do it.It truly happened in an experiment. from here

I believe that confidence is what makes someone good at bar darts. Confidence in my opinion can make or break a person. Confidence gives you the tools to be the best and be the person you want to be. I actually play gold too and know that if I want to play a good round. I have to believe in my swing and my game. I also know that if I do make a bad shot that if I let it get to me it will ruin my entire game. That being said confidence and the power of positivity does effect ones life.

I am also a golfer and could not agree more that confidence is crucial in putting together a good round. However, I have never really placed that phrase to other sports for some reason. Along the line of darts, it is interesting the confident words could possibly increase someone's chances of accuracy. I am hypothesizing that confidence helps you in sports because it frees your muscles to perform as they should. A confident person will also not be nervous and in turn be able to fluently swing, throw, shoot, or what ever the sport may entail. I would be surprised if it was actually a psychological affect that allowed confidence to equal greater performance.

This reminds me of this movie I saw a while back called "The Secret." The movie (which is based on a book) talks about this law of attraction, which is the belief that if you focus on good things then good things will happen, but if you focus on the negative then negative things will happen. For example, if you are taking a test that you didn't study for but you keep thinking "I will get an A on this test" you will be more likely to do well on the test. They way you think about things really does affect outcomes!

If you want to read in more detail about this idea, here's a link:

This is a very interesting piece, like you I believe the study to be true because I've seen the results in my own life. Whenever I'm feeling confident I tend to do better at the same activities I tried when I wasn't feeling as confident. Your blog made me wonder, when Andrew mentioned that 94% of professors think their better than the average teacher, is that necessarily a bad thing? I don't think so, it doesn't matter if the professors consider themselves better if it means they'll be better teachers.

I also agree, your athletic performance is strongly based on confidence. I've played basketball my entire life and have had many moments that prove this hypothesis. I strongly believe once you as an individual or even as a team get momentum, the performance of the team increases. I've also experienced the opposite. When you're having an off game, if you let it get to your head it can really mess you up. I also found the showing of powerful words odd, but i guess you can relate it to a pep talk form a coach. I find this hypothesis very hard to prove scientifically, however most all athletes would agree.

I agree with you. I believe confidence is key in a lot of situations. Though one may have the skills and ability to do something, it is important to have confidence or it will basically be hopeless to succeed. Here is a link to an interesting article discussing the importance of confidence.

The idea of confidence meaning less pressure makes a lot of sense. Less stress that you may miss means your more free. It makes me think of Adam Venateri who may be the most clutch kicker ever. He had to have had so much confidence in his kicking that no situation phased him. The only question I have on the theory is if the bigger the situation the more confidence you need, or does the gravity of the situation overtakes confidence.

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