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Good news, girls- chocolate has been scientifically proven to be healthy for you!  Michelle Roberts of BBC News reports that people who ate chocolate a few times per week as compared to people who ate it less often had lower average BMIs.  Chocolate contains ingredients to help with weight loss rather than weight gain. 

There have also been other studies done proving that chocolate can be a good food to consume because it helps with the heart.  Roberts writes, "Consumption of certain types of chocolate has been linked to some favourable changes in blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and cholesterol level."  Although you can probably get the necessary nutrients to help your heart from other sources, why not indulge through a sweet treat?

However, it is the darker chocolate that will give you the best results. Andrea Thompson, a writer for LiveScience, explains that, "dark chocolate contains certain antioxidants called polyphenols that could help fight chronic inflammation of tissues in the circulatory system."  This was proven in a study involving Italians consuming chocolate.  Consumed in moderate amounts, the food helped lower levels of inflammation related to blood flow in the Italians.

While this is very exciting news, avoid going overboard with the chocolate consumption.  While containing healthy antioxidants, chocolate is also loaded with calories; therefore, can be harmful to your health in excess.  It seems like treating yourself to a handful of chocolate chips a few times a week is the healthy way to go!


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Hi Anna! I LOVE THIS ARTICLE ABOUT CHOCOLATE! Literally makes me feel better since I already ate 3 squares of dark chocolate after class (whoops!) But yes, I heard so many good benefits from munching on these chocolates too. I used to be afraid of eating chocolate because some of my friends told me it will make acne worse!? Lately, I found an article saying that this is NOT true! Also, I used to be a BIG FAN of milk chocolate! (who doesn't!). But when I started to realize that dark chocolate gives more benefits than I rather go with dark chocolate these days. Yes but I do agree with you that we have to be aware of how much these calories these squares/bars contain! Therefore, I just recently set my goal to treat myself with three squares of dark chocolate per day...not that bad right? :)

Interesting article, you'll read so much about people changing opinions about the healthiness of food. For example, I've heard that egg whites are really healthy, that they are really unhealthy, and that egg yolks were really healthy, and that they are very bad for you. It's interesting that although we dissect foods in all these different categories such as fat, sugar, calories, sodium, yet we still are finding out the effects of certain foods on the body. It's interesting, also the statistic at the very beginning seems like it could easily be due to chance and doesn't really prove anything. But yeah, I agree with the post, it's good to eat chocolate sometimes, just don't go crazy eating it all the time.

I wonder if the correlations between eating chocolate a few times a week and lower BMIs had to do with some extraneous variables - for example, perhaps the people eating small amounts a week had lower weights because they don't practice deprivation. My roommate is currently on a diet - while she doesn't eat chocolate or cake or anything like that, she's been bingeing on special K and diet bars and her weight has been increasing if anything. I think it's because she now has a mindset of restriction and she can't help but try and rebel from that, in a "healthy" way.

Perhaps the personality traits of those who permit themselves to eat a little chocolate also have traits that keep them from overeating or eating complete crap? What do you think?

Wow, who would have known that eating dark chocolate was good for your health? I didn’t. I also like how you brought up the fact that although chocolate contains healthy antioxidants, it’s also loaded with calories. I wonder what ways can eating chocolate negatively affect your health? You know what they say, “anything good for you, is bad.”

This makes me so happy because I'm seriously addicted to chocolate. I wonder, however, if white and milk chocolate give health benefits, or is it just dark chocolate? White chocolate is technically not even chocolate, so does it have no effect on your heart? I never knew that it contained ingredients to help with weight loss, but I'll definitely feel less guilty about eating M&Ms now that I know that!

chocolate is an amazing food for not only relieving stress but also giving energy. this article really develops the positives of eating chocolate to a limit like you said. that url takes you to a site that further elaborates on the specificity of chocolate and its health "facts".

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