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I am a fitness newbie. Now I have a gym membership and for the first few weeks of class I was mainly going to the Natatorium (it's far less intimidating that the White building or Rec hall) to do some cardio on the elliptical machines. Last week however, my friends convinced me to go to the White building and do some weight training with them. I've never really done any serious weight lifting before so I didn't know much about it but one friend had told me that weight lifting is actually a better calorie-burning workout than cardio.  So I thought I would check it out.

            As I am sure some of you are well aware, the question of cardio vs. weight training is an ongoing debate in the fitness community and different sources have different things to offer on the subject. So here is the breakdown:


According to an article in the Washington Post entitled Cardio Vs Weights: The battle is Over and  another on, cardio burns more calories during a workout for two main reasons. One is because you burn 10-12 calories a minute doing cardio whereas you only burn 8-10 calories a minute lifting weights and the second reason is that cardiovascular exercise is continuous while weight lifting is not (because you have to take breaks between sets). Another reason why you can burn more calories doing cardiovascular exercise is because you can do cardio every day if you please but you are limited in how much strength training you should do in a week because your muscles need time to recover.

            On the other hand, strength training causes your metabolism to spike for an hour while your body helps your muscles to recover after your workout. This spike in metabolism causes your body to burn calories at a faster rate and so you can burn up to 25% more calories even after ceasing to exercise. This differs from cardio because once you stop exercising your metabolism slows down to its normal rate.  Similarly, according to an article on, The truth about weight training vs. cardio, weight training burns more calories overall because when you weight train you build muscles and the more muscles you have the more calories that are being consumed to sustain them. Thus, strength training can lead to a higher metabolism, which in time burns more calories even when you are just lounging on the couch.

            According to the aforementioned article, Cardio Vs Weights: The battle is over, in order to burn the most calories our exercise routines should consist of both cardio and weight lifting not just one or the other.


            What do you guys think? Are you still leaning to one side or the other or are you going to try and incorporate weight training or cardio into your usual workouts? I've decided to try and incorporate weight training into mine and see what happens!



Hi Emma! It looks like you have a good start on your blog post, however remember they have to include pictures and live links. If you do not know how to do these, check out the Tech FAQ page at the top of the page or the class syllabus. Also, it seems your post is appearing 3 times on the class blog. You should delete the extras before the end of the blog period... To do this, login to and click on manage, then entries. You should be able to go through and delete your extra posts from the blog! Good luck with the rest of your blogs :)

Hi Beth! I don't know why it doesn't display my live links I had three of them in there so I'm not quite sure what is going on. I'll go back and edit my post.

I wouldn't call myself a workout pro, but I definitely think i've had some good experience with fitness before. Similar to what you reported in your blog, I've found that the greatest success comes when you combine weight training and cardio. I've definitely lost weight since I started at Penn State last year and I think its because I've combined taking classes like Calorie Killer (which incorporates a lot of weights) and walking on the treadmill. Sometimes people who are overweight don't like to lift weights because they can't see the results, however, if you combine the two (cardio and weights), you will see all those muscles you've been working on when the fat comes off. I thought you may be interested in this article from Women's Health Magazine about 9 Fitness Tips! Magazines such as Women's Health, Self, and Shape all have really great articles every month about how to combine cardio and weights for fun workouts!

I lean more towards cardio than weight lifting because of all the reasons mentioned above. Plus, I dislike lifting weights because my muscles hurts even more when I am finished. Maybe I will incorporate some weight lifting in my routine but it will be limited. Which side do you lean more towards after this article? Have your views changed as a result of your finding?

I think this blog post is really interesting! I work out all the time and usually just used the elliptical or ran on the treadmill or outside, but this past summer I started weight training and it helped me feel better and stronger. My mom sent me this article ( from Women's Health Magazine says that cardio and strength training help with different things, so it depends on what kind of results you are looking for. The article says that to keep fat off, strength training is the way to go. To "squash stress" they say that cardio is what you need. I think that both cardio and strength training do good things to your body, but they have different effects. So doing both together is preferable. I am an avid exerciser so this article got me very interested and I actually went back and read the article my mom sent me (which I rarely do) and it has inspired me to change my own workout routine!

This article was very helpful. I have started going to the gym since I got up to Penn State so I am definitely a newbie to the gym. The one part that really got me was the idea to add weightlifting so that when the weight comes off there are muscles there to show. I feel that a lot of people (girls in particular) are so focused on losing weight that they forget to have muscle there to show instead of just nothing. The other issue I feel many women have with weightlifting is that they fear to much muscle definition, but I'm not a girl so its hard for me to tell.

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