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Running represents something different in everyone's lives. To some, running may just be a step of conditioning for a sport. To others, it may be an enjoyed activity that releases stress and cleanses the mind. Still others have grown to abhor the thought of jogging around campus, as it is difficult and embarrassing. There is something in common with all of these trains of thought. That missing puzzle piece is the anatomy of the human body and its' desire to run, deep down.

                Research has been done to conclude that the human body has evolved in such a way that allows it to run long distances. The body consists of long, springy, lean muscle which is useful for endurance. Our short toes give us the ability to rock forward and give with the ground.  Our large glutus maxius and Achilles tendon are designed for energy storage. There is even a ligament in the head called the nuchal ligament that stabilizes the head when it is in rapid motion.

                Regardless of the human anatomy argument, running has proved itself to be one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It is useful for weight maintenance and stress relieve. Running forces the body to release unused energy which manifests itself as stress. Running is good for overall health and living a long life with lower cholesterol and boosted immune systems.


                What is your opinion of running? Do you feel it carries positive effects in your life?


I am also a runner and I like to run on the treadmills instead of outside here because I don't like how people stare at people as they are running by. I feel like they are judging me on how fast I'm running. But my opinion of running is for exercise and I feel like I get the best workout from running. But I also feel that it is a good stress relief from stressing out in college. It does carry a positive effect in my life because I feel better about myself and confident as well as relieved and accomplished after a long run.

I think there is no downside to running, that's for sure. I, however, never found it to be enjoyable, yet my sister can't function without her morning run. It really depends on your personality and schedule as well. I feel like I don't have time to run (maybe because I don't make time), but I feel that I get a lot more out of an activity (physically) like playing volleyball or swimming. I also find those activities much more interesting than running. You mentioned how other people feel about running, but what is your opinion?

I love to run. It is a de-stresses me and keeps me healthy. But beyond that, running makes me happy. Running makes all people happy because when you run or do any other form of exercise your body produces endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that produce a feeling of euphoria.

To Alex Distefano,

I personally love to run. It didn't always be that way, but the friends I've made since coming to Penn State really influenced me to enjoy it. I'm an athlete and have some experience in playing a lot of sports, and now my inner athlete manifests itself in running. I'm signed up for a half marathon next month. Go Running!

I really enjoy running fore experience, but i am not a natural born runner. I have to work at it which my be a result of my body type. I am short which makes my stride shorter and running more difficult compared to someone who is 5'8''. Another issue that ma arise is no matter how great of shape im in at the time, i dont have the natural lung capacity to sustain long distance running. Running defiantly is a great positive in my life, keeping me fit and health, but even with our adaptations it is still not easy for everyone.

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