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After a long day of classes, a good laugh feels much needed. Laughter makes people feel physically and mentally better. Laughter not only makes us feel better, but has other positive effects on our entire being. Research shows that our bodies change when we let our laughter. Our faces stretch, our blood pressure rises, and our diaphragms contract. All these factors contribute to mild anaerobic activity. Laughter may even be the key to strong immune systems. Stress leads to decreased immune system response, which is reversed when laughter eases stress. Some studies show that laughter may raise the level of antibodies in the body of immune cells, as well.

Laughter is closely related to social interactions and bonding. Being able to laugh in front of peers expresses being comfortable with your environment and relaxes the atmosphere. Humans naturally crave intimacy with other humans, and laughter is often used to strengthen bonds between people.

How does laughter your mood?



"Laughter makes people feel physically and mentally better." I totally agreee with this statement. Everytime if I feel tired when I am study in dorm, I will watch some funny drama..that will really made me feel better, and continue to work on. And your artical told me that "laugh made me feel better" had a scientific expression. And does it means that tears of sorrow has bad influence also has a reasonable expression in science?

I find what you said about the contrast of this finding - whether tears of sorrow have a bad influence or not - very interesting. I always sensed that laughing was a positive thing, being that you're almost always happy and elated when you're doing it, but I never thought about the effects from the opposite emotion: crying. So, I decided to look for some answers. However, from my findings there's no real "function" from emotional or sad tears like there are for laughing. I wonder what differences between these two automatic bodily responses - laughing and crying - cause one to make you feel better while there's no true reasoning for the other? Some psychologists have said that people may cry only due to "social influences" which may explain why people cry both from severe sadness and extreme happiness. But, if all of this is true, are tears of happiness a good or a bad thing?

That article is very interesting, but I do agree with the author saying that they aren't positive what laughter does. There is no real way to test the benefits of laughter. And that assumes that laughter does have a benefit. I think people, myself included, just assume that laughter is beneficial because it is associated with happiness. There are a number of other forces at work that could lead to low sugar levels and relaxation.

This blog post really brings to light the amazing power of laughter. It made me curious, is laughter beneficial in places you wouldn't expect it to be, such as the workplace. As it turns out laughter can even increase employee satisfaction resulting in better job performance. Due to the many benefits of laughter it's easy to see why people like to hear jokes but that makes me wonder, why do we receive enjoyment out of telling jokes that make other people laugh?

I found this topic of choice so interesting because it is such a simple concept! Like most of us, laughing definitely makes me feel better after a long day of lectures and massive amounts of school work. Going off of your point of how laughter makes one feel physically better, I remembered back to a couple of days ago about hearing the possibility that laughing can actually cause weight loss. While it is not the same exact article that I originally saw, The Seattle Times also discusses how laughing can reduce stress and burn calories. This article was so fascinating to read because it explains that laughing will one day become essential in fitness center and yoga clubs because of the positive result that it can do for your body. Personally, I think it could do a lot of good for people, especially in society today with the massive amounts of strict deadlines and running from here to there with no time to waste. Everyone knows how to laugh, it doesn't need to be taught, so if it can help you cut down a jeans size or even just allow you a peaceful moment in your busy day, I'm all for it!

This post is interesting. I've always heard that it's healthy to laugh, I just never knew how. The fact that laughing can strengthen our immune system is interesting because I would never expect there to be any relation between laughing and our immune system.

I also find it interesting how laughter eases stress. This being because it relates to the idea that we should cheer each other up when we're down. This is something that has been portrayed through many movies, shows, and plays. It's cool to think that this idea being expressed through entertainment could have originated from a scientific study that laughter eases stress. Even though we discussed in class how correlation does not prove causation, and other factors could be easing someone's stress (who happens to laugh a lot), I think the idea that laughter being the cause is cool.

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