Bears DON'T CARE to menstruating women. Period.


Ever since 1967, there were campfire fears according to a myth that bears were attracted to the odors of menstruation. The crucial point started out in 1967 in the case of grizzly bear attacks that killed two women in Glacier National Park in Montana. One woman was apparently having her period and the other was carrying tampons. Although there was no scientific evidence to prove in this speculation, people came up with a conclusion that women's menstrual odors had impacts on bear attacks. The Forest Services' Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has tried to expose this falsely myth...but it seemed that nobody would believe in this. Until the new Yellowstone report in February that led people realized something differently. 


According to one of the studies conducted in 1991, researchers used black bears to encounter with four menstruating women. Somehow, the black bears showed little to no interested in these women. Even the grizzly bears that used to attack humans, researchers also found no evidence based on attacks to the odors of menstruation. However, there was only one exception to bears' disinterest in menstrual blood among the polar bears. In 1983, researchers found four polar bears were interested in scents of seal smells and used tampons. Researchers came up with a conclusion that the bears have little to no interest in odors of menstruation compared to food scent. (Alcohol tends to be more flavorful to the polar bears...than used tampons). With 66% of the time when they devoured down beer and 13% of the time when they ate unused tampons. According to Yellowstone Park, which came with a conclusion that there is no evidence among bear attacks to odors of menstruation. Period. 


Your title really drew me in to read your blog and I have to say this was a great topic choice. Its funny that one incident in 1967 could cause this widely accepted theory.
I have heard this theory before but never thought of looking into it.

I have also heard this theory before and wondered if it was true. I think this myth spread even more with the movie Anchorman, when Steve Carell mentioned that periods attract bears (what a great movie). But anyways, its good that an end has been put to the silliness. Amazing how something completely incorrect can spread so fast; like we said in class, that is a dangerous thought for the scientific community.

I have never heard about this before! It grossed me out, but interested me at the same time (common theme, I think). I googled this topic and another blogging site came up and this blog: says that snakes ARE attracted to menstruating women! Weird. I think it's an interesting read and has some humor in it too!

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