Are Robots taking over the World?


We see it all the time in the movies, robots taking over the world. Personally I really enjoy watching these fictional movies just for fun. And after every time I watch them I ask myself the same question, what would happen if robots really did take over the world? Well according to a September 18th 2012 "New York Times" article written by John Markoff, humans and robots will be living and working side by side sooner than we think.  

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In this picture stands, Dr. Rodney A. Brooks with his robot Baxter that he created. While Baxter is not a laser shooting death machine, it is just another step towards living and working with robots. Baxter can do an array of menial tasks and can do the same task twice with the exact same motion. Something humans cannot do, because every time we do any task we always do it a little different. Baxter has been put to use in the workplace of a few different companies and will go on the market in October. Dr. Brooks has put numerous different safety mechanisms in Baxter ensuring the safety of those around him.

            Even though this seems like an important step forward in technology, it does not come without a cost. I argue that the costs of having robots working and being side by side with humans have not fully been calculated. I am not referring to monetary costs but what happens when these robots start having the ability to do the jobs and tasks of humans? Then what is going to happen when one robot can do the job of 5 humans, and so forth? The real essence of this robotics problem is that these robots work for nothing, and if they can do a better job of what humans currently do, then there is no telling what the future may hold. I am in no way shape or form saying that robots are going to take over the world. However there are more consequences to having these robots around than is being acknowledged.

            John Markoff quoted, "Soon, Dr. Brooks predicts, robots will be mingling with humans, routinely and safely." For all of those in the industry of robotics this is the ultimate goal. But it is time we take a step back and think, how far can this robotics movement go without having any serious consequences?


It's scary to think a human can create a robot that can do things the human who created it can't do...if that makes any sense. The thought of working side by side with robots is crazy, but think about it this way, the Industrial Revolution gave rise to new technologies that were thought of as unthinkable, but today those technologies are used daily. However, I do think that the concept of robots is far more unthinkable (perhaps though, that is just because is the latest thing and still so foreign...maybe in 100 years it'll be perfectly normal). Yet I can't seem to get over the fact that robots would literally begin to replace human beings. Unemployment would sky rocket if robots began replacing humans in the workforce. Then, companies would manufacture goods more efficiently and rapidly but for what?, there would be less working consumers able to afford to buy them. Also, the ethics of artificial intelligence is extremely questionable. Do we really want replicated humans that aren't real humans doing the work that humans have dedicated themselves to for centuries? Do we really want machines that are wired and controlled to replace hardworking individuals? Sooner or later robots could replace human workers in all fields, then what, would we have a robot performing surgical procedures on a human? What if something went wrong, could a robot register the need for change in such a situation or would all of his processes and purposes be pre-set? And then what if, because who really knows, robots began to surpass human intelligence and take over the world...really anything is possible. In the long run I think the creation of robots could bite us in the ass, for lack of better terms. I fully believe in creating technologies that facilitate humans but the creation of robots just seems to take things to far.

I think that it's all steps towards progress. I wrote a science fiction screenplay once, far into the future where people didn't have to work anymore, they just went into fantasy worlds that were like video games and beat levels each day to give them something to do, but then of course there society gets attacked by terrorists but that's unrelated. Anyways, the point I was making, is that if robots start to do all the easy jobs, then maybe people will actually be forced to educate themselves instead of living a life of doing some tedious task. With the way computers are getting, it shouldn't be long until people will be able to get free education over the internet, and then everyone will have more meaningful jobs. And since the rich need the middle class to buy their products, they won't just let people go poor and die, they will help them out, and the government will give them money. And then maybe soon people wont have to work anymore and can focus on saving the world from global warming and creating peace and feeding the poor, and then traveling through space. So basically what I'm saying is that this is a good thing!

It's very scary to actually think about robots coming and taking over the world. I mean don't get me wrong they are a big part of today's industries, and advancement in technology. But it always comes to mind what if they really did take over, like in different movies we see them. What else is scary that a human created that robot and almost is too smart for one's own good if their own product over rules them.

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