Apples: the healthier alternative to coffee

Imagine you stayed up all night doing homework and the next day you had to wake up at 7 to make it to your 8 AM class. Your about to fall asleep so you stop by a cafe on the way to class to buy something that can wake you up. Which will you choose: a cup of coffee or an apple? Coffee stereo-typically would be everyone's choice because it is common sense that the caffeine is going to work as an energy booster for your body to help you stay awake.  But did you know that an apple can also have the same effect? 

The rumor that apples have more caffeine than a cup of coffee is a myth. Apples contain no caffeine. But it is true that apples can also help people stay awake. Apples contain more sugar than a normal cup of coffee does, sugar triggers blood flow, hence making you feel awake. Also, an average small apple contains 10% of the recommended vitamin C intake, 12% of the recommended daily fiber intake, and other healthy nutrients such as manganese, potassium, and calcium. 

Coffee might wake a person up faster, but an apple is a way healthier alternative. It is not addictive or unhealthy. If you take in caffeine every day, it can lead to addiction and side effects such as restlessness and irritability. So the next time you feel tired, try to pick up an apple instead! 


Interesting that this is true, but if coffee is addictive why can't eating apples be addictive. Coffee makes you feel alert and energized, so are people addicted to the coffee, caffeine, or the effects? If the latter is true, then wouldn't it be possible to get addicted to eating an apple every morning?

Hmmm... I would disagree with this analysis. Apples' energy boosts come from sugar. The sugars temporarily spike your blood sugar levels, but a healthy metabolism will release insulin to get blood sugar levels back to normal as quickly as possible. Caffeine, however, remains in the system a lot longer than the apple's sugar circulates in your blood. Caffeine stays circulating for five to nine hours . I myself would reach for a cup of coffee in the morning.

This is something I can personally attest to. Last year I used to get a cup of coffee every morning to help wake me up for class. When my friend told me about this apple trick, I figure I might as well give it a try, seeing as though if it did work it would certainly be a healthier and less expensive option. Sure enough, the apple had almost the same effect on me as coffee did and ever since then I've had an apple every morning before class.

It's funny that someone decided to blog about this. The other day, my roommate actually brought this up and I did not believe him at all. But, if this is true, then I completely agree with you. Why not eat an apple every day before morning class rather then drink an unhealthy cup of coffee? It makes great sense and I cannot wait to try it out to see if it does serve as a better substitute than coffee. Also, i wonder the same thing as the comments say. Can eating apples in the morning be addictive even though there is no caffeine in it? Still, I will attempt to try the apple instead.

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