An an apple a day really does keep the doctor away


apple blog.jpg                Who hasn't heard of the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?" Personally, I remember being told this all throughout preschool and kindergarten. I honestly think my teachers told me this just so I would eat my fruits and veggies. I happened to go back home the other weekend and in my local grocery store there was a sign in the produce section that read these exact words; "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." This made me curious as to how one simple, small fruit could have such a great benefit. Let's face it, no one enjoys going to the doctor.

                 After some research, I found that this old saying actually has some truth behind it. Believe it or not, by consuming just one apple a day, you are benefitting your body greatly. Apples were used in ancient times because of their ability to heal. This simple fruit contains many ingredients that are linked to healing. Some of them include vitamin C, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and a long list of other essential vitamins.

                Many studies have actually shown that the consumption of one apple daily can lead to lowering the risk of many diseases. Apples have been shown to improve digestive health which has great benefits to those who are obese or may have diabetes. Apple consumption has been proven to lower cholesterol, as well as risk for heart disease by around %20. Along-side this, an apple a day has been shown to heal asthma and reduce the risk of various cancers, including lung cancer.

                It is amazing that by just incorporating apples into your diet, you can benefit so greatly. An apple a day could lower your risk for many diseases. It could also prevent you from having to make that extra, unwanted trip to the doctor. So next time you go to eat in your commons, pick up an apple. Really, what could it hurt?


What if you are allergic to apples, is there another fruit that you could eat that would give the same vitamins present in apples? Or are pills the only option?

I found that allergic reactions to any fruits are often only related to consuming the fruit when raw. If allergic, you could try baking the apple or even just microwaving it. This breaks down the allergen enzymes in the apple. You could also try peeling the skin since most allergens lay on the surface of the apple. There are also supplements that you could take that would give you similar vitamins.

You should always go to the doctor, but why not play it safe and get the nutrients out of this fruit. Not only is the fruit healthy for you, but I find it to be very tasty. Working a job back home involving produce, I'm actually shocked to see how the lack of people buy apples. Even if they don't "keep the doctor away," this is a nice, quick, healthy snack to add to your diet.

I also wrote about this topic which you can find hereI thought that your blog was very informative and useful, especially to all us college kids who do not want to get sick. I was in a similar situation as yourself where I was eating an apple thinking back to that famous slogan that just rolls off the tongue. After doing a little research, I also found how important apples can be to our diet. Apples have a great source of pectin, which lowers blood pressure and glucose levels, while also keeping a strong immune system. To go off of the apple theme, there are many fruits such as bananas, pears, etc that can give us nutrients to keep us healthy, which will let us stay away from the doctors. Obviously, apples are not the only thing that allow us to stay out of the waiting room of our physician, but it definitely does not hurt to have one every day. Fruits and vegetables in general allow us to keep our immune system strong so we do not get sick as easily. I did not discuss this in my post, but I wonder what are some of the top foods, whether it's fruits, veggies, or something else, that helps keep us healthy and strong the most. I know there are plenty of other factors that go into our health, but it is always good to know the foods that will make it the easiest to stay out of doctor care.

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