Am I the only one who could get hit by a feather and bruise?

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I don't know about anyone else but I have such delicate skin that it seems as though I could get hit with a feather and have a bruise from it that lasts a week. Of course that's an exaggeration, however, it feels like that sometimes! Many mornings I will wake up and notice a bruise somewhere on me and have literally no idea where it came from. And for those of you who might be worried by this I promise I'm not being abused in any way!!  I'm just quite the klutz and don't always remember that I get hurt, because if I were to try to remember every time I tripped or ran into something, it would be impossible to try to recall them all. Since I happen to bruise so easily, I became very intrigued as to what causes bruises and if in fact some people bruise more easily than other people do, and if that's the case what causes such a sensitivity to some people's skin and not others? Here is what I found...

It is true that some people do in fact bruise easier than others do, and there are a numerous reasons why that is the case. People can bruise more easily than others for the following reasons:
  1. being too thin-When your skin/body doesn't have a lot of fat inside it, it makes you a lot more prone to bruising since there is nothing to protect your blood cells.
  2. age-The older you are the more delicate your skin gets, and it's the same case for young children, because there is a lower percent of body fat in those people, bringing us back to number 1.
  3. medication-Certain medications can make peoples skin more sensitive to breaking blood vessels, thus creating more bruises. Blood thinners like ibuprofin and aspirin especially make your skin a bigger target for bruising. 
  4. gender-Of course, ladies get the short end of the stick again. Way to go men! If you're a woman it has been proven that we bruise more easily and more often than men do. 
  5. heredity-It is possible that easy bruising runs in your family and is in your genes. Although you can't really help that, it is a reason for easier bruising. 
  6. your health/diet-If you don't keep up with your health or nutrition you may also be more prone to bruising, it is important to take your vitamins and make sure you have enough folic acid in you to protect you from bruising. 
I suppose we should talk about what exactly a bruise is. Basically, a bruise happens when you bump your skin into something and break blood vessels in your under skin layer without creating a cut or open wound. Now that I know exactly the reasons why I bruise more easily than other people, I'm going to try to avoid bruising as much as possible! Stay healthy everyone and hope that your genes are in your favor! 

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As a former cheerleader, I am beyond familiar with bruises, and this was particularly interesting to me because just a week ago I slammed my hip into a door handle and have been watching the progression of my bruise over the last two weeks. The reasons behind why people bruise turned out to be really interesting. I'm not at all surprised that skinnier people bleed easier because bruising is a sign of anorexia. I was surprised by the fact that your diet can have an affect on how easily you bruise.

As I mentioned before, I was a cheerleader, and as a backspot for stunting, I was constantly being bruised. Almost all of that bruising was on my forearms. Yet, after a few years, all of the "bruises" I got on my arms were invisible, despite the fact that I could feel them. So, the one thing that I wonder about bruises is, if you get too many bruises in the same spot, do you begin to build up a tolerance and are unable to have visible bruises? Just throwing that out there.

Also, here is a webpage that has some interesting info about why bruises change color (about halfway down the page), which is something I've been curious for awhile.

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