Am I Dreaming?

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As a college student, I always take advantage of any chance I get to take a good nap and catch up on the little sleep that I most likely got the night before. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get dream catcher.jpgthe chacne to nap in the middle of my day and have recently realized a common trend is occurring. As I fall asleep, I consistently dream that my day is continuing from the point when I would once again venture out on campus. After my nap, sometimes my day plays out eerily similar and sometimes they could not be more different, but either way, its as if my day has happened twice. I find myself now wondering if this is the explanation for the phenomenon of deja vu? Or has my nap thrown my predetermined plan off course and altered my future that could have been? Regardless, I needed to know more.


After researching, it turns out experiencing deja vu can be explained by past dreams that one has had. It all deals with the different levels of consciousness that a person can experience at different moments. According to Todd Murphy, who wrote the study called "Deja Vu. Here and Now. There and Then," "memories are state-specific. We can have experiences in one state of consciousness (like when we are drunk, for example) that we cannot remember at all when we are in another." In other words, at different points in the day our mind is operating in a different conscious, including when we sleep. It is a possibilty that signals from the brain cross paths and open up a whole new conscious level at the moment of deja vu. It has been observed that during deja vu, the brain "has unusually direct access to long-term memories, and the brain processes that allow us to retrieve them" (Murphy). Instantly, a new conscious level is briefly established where memory banks can be accessed to make past experiences, whether dreams or not, feel like present possibilities.

From this, it makes me think about the many times that I wake up and cannot remember my dreams. Where did they go? Maybe the forgotten dreams are the ones that suddenly reemerge in our everyday lives which leave us with that chilling sensation. As for now, there is no proof if this is the case but I sure know it makes me wonder.

Also, the tendency for my dreams to be about my present day is just because that is what I think about while falling asleep. The dreams just continue the current thought process and transfer it into my consciousness. As for now, I am content with my understanding, will enjoy the still unknown, and definitely take another nap.


Source: by Todd Murphy

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This was a really interesting article. This has actually happened to me a lot. I'll be doing something and become convinced that I have actually already done it before. Even as recently as last Saturday, I fell asleep during the middle of the day and as I slept I thought I was awake and moving through my day. It came as quite a shock when I woke up and it was three hours earlier than I thought it was. I never realized that dreams were such an influential part of our lives and that they could allow us to view hidden parts of our minds.

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