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Hello everyone! My name is Tarek Kerbag (some of my friends call me Rick), I was born on August 6, 1993 (Go Leos!) 

tribal_zodiac_V_Leo_by_Sakashima.jpgin Syria. I moved to the United States of America when I was thirteen years old. I lived and attended school in Philadelphia until I moved to Penn State University Park as a student and a Lenfest Scholar. I am a very athletic and active person. My two main sports are soccer and volleyball. soccer_Small_2-500pxx358.jpgI also play basketball and tennis. I like to read, swim, play pool, run and play the piano.

The main reason I am taking the course Science 200 is like most students, to fulfill the general education requirements and this class was recommended by my advisor. The reason I am not majoring in science is because I have always been a math guy. I am currently in DUS but I want to enter the Smeal College of Business and major in Actuarial Science. Now for those of you who do not know what Actuarial Science, most likely you will get the wrong impression of what kind of "science" it is. Actuarial Science includes probability, mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, financial economics, and computer programming. Actuarial science is a risk management; it is used to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries.

             The most significant aspect about me is that I have arrived to the United States from a different country not knowing a single English word. Coming from Syria, I did not know what to expect or how my life was going to turn out to be. The language was of course a major concern for me. It does not take a genius to figure out that academic success requires knowledge of the language it's taught in. Knowing that, I studied very diligently and my English language developed very rapidly to the point where I was surpassing those whom English was their first language.

            When I arrived to the United States, there were three weeks left to school and I was supposed to be in eighth grade, but I was held back a grade so I would not have to enter high school with little knowledge of the language. I am very glad that happened, because it gave me the opportunity to attain admission at a very good high school and from there attaining admission to Penn State. I surpassed the obstacle of the language very quickly which enabled me to explore and do much more.

           I try to get involved in activities and events as much as possible. I have passion for education, studying, and obtaining various kinds of knowledge. I am bilingual; I have the ability to speak, read, and write both English and Arabic.

          Other than that, I am a very open minded student and very diligent, passionate, attentive, aspiring, and dedicated. I will try my very best in every class I have to attain the highest grade possible. I will not procrastinate or become indifferent and apathetic to any of them. Overall, I am very glad to have attended this university. It was a very long journey to get to get to where I am now. But I know that the path ahead of me is still long and there will be more journeys awaiting me.

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