Oh, You Hate Science? So Did I!

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Hello ladies and gents! Welcome back to PSU for yet another fantastic semester. I hope you all had enjoyable summers and are back into the swing-of-things in Happy Valley.

My name is Rachel Tedesco and, as you should know, I am one of your TA's for SC200 this semester.

I figured that I would start out by giving you a little info about me and then I'll give you some tips for success this semester.

Fun Facts About Me:
  • I'm only 5'1" tall.
  • I'm a 3rd generation Penn Stater.
  • My favorite color is yellow.
  • I chose my major (Public Relations) because it didn't require me to take Chemistry or Calculus.
  • I absolutely love THON. I'm a THON Chair for Oriana Singers and Glee Club THON. From my work with THON, I decided I wanted to work with non-profits after I graduate.
  • My favorite food is peanut butter (in any variety). 
  • I took this class because I had to fulfill science credits. I HATED science in general when I began the course. I came out of the class with-- if nothing else-- a real appreciation for science and how it impacts our lives (though we still aren't exactly BFFs).
  • I'm a Lion Ambassador, so let me know if you have any Penn State questions!

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions. You can reach me at my PSU email, rat5105@psu.edu, or my personal email, rachel@tedescos.com. I'm super small and not intimidating at all so don't worry, we will get through this semester together.

Now, for the stuff that you really care about... How to do well in Science 200. 

  • Show Up and Take Notes: The only way to succeed in this class is to be present. You have to go to class. Take notes in whatever way works best for you. I'm a visual learner so I wrote down my notes in lots of different colors. If you are better with just listening, take some notes and listen intently.
  • Don't Over-Think: Andrew is probably the most fair professor I've had. He does not try to trick you and he absolutely wants you to succeed. Take your time on the exams and don't psych yourself out. Use your notes and use your common sense and you will do great.
  • Be Creative!: One of the reasons I was successful in SC200 was because I write with my own voice and my own (strong) opinions. Should your blogs have some structure, be logical, be free of errors? YES! But there is nothing wrong with writing in the way that you feel most comfortable. For me, as you can probably tell, I have a more conversational writing style and it worked for these blogs. BUT! Let me caution you... you must have structure and a clear thought-out body to your blogs. Be consistent. Be creative.
  • Write About What You Love: Do you have a dog? Do you ever wonder why he wags his tail when he sees you? Have you ever had a concussion? What exactly happens when you get a concussion? Do you love playing around with makeup? What exactly makes make-up work? Pick topics you are interested in! This is such simple advice but it will get you a long way.
  • Be Responsible: For many of you, this is your first semester of college. You must learn to time manage. Don't wait until the last minute to do your blogs. Don't wait until the last minute to take the exams. THAT is how you will fail this class.

I hope you all are as excited about this semester as Andrew, Beth and I are! Please let me know if you have any questions about SC200, PSU or just life in general. I'd be more than happy to help!

See you Thursday!

Rachel Tedesco

1 Comment

Very nice and well written entry! Thanks for the tips and advice regarding the class! If I have any questions I will definitely contact you. You could check out a little about me here: Who I Am And Why I Am Here

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