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Hi! My name is Stephanie Skoller. I'm from northern New Jersey and I'm a sophomore. A few key things about me: I danced for 16 years and hope to continue again at some point, I absolutely love my dog (Niko, a labradoodle), I am extremely involved and passionate about THON (my sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, was one of the top two fundraisers in greek life last year), I obviously love Penn State (who wouldn't?) and lastly, I have never been a science person. I always took the required courses that I had to, which unfortunately included classes like biology, and I managed to get by. I had a lot of great teachers, and I always tried extra hard, but science was still a constant struggle.

It was such a great feeling knowing that senior year of high school my science career would cease to exist - or so I thought. I always assumed that whatever major I chose, it would not include any science. Little did I know, that's not really possible? So, once I realized that I would have to be taking two science courses in order to fulfill the requirements for Public Relations major, I decided that I would get it out of the way as soon as possible. So, here I am, taking this course and hoping for the best. I hear that this a science course from people not so into science, and as you probably know by now that is right up my alley. Judging from what I've seen so far, the course really does seems pretty manageable (even for someone like me).  A science class without the periodic table or labs seems like my best bet - and hopefully I'm right about that. I guess I'll just have to wait and see!417909_10150645315681514_2106375128_n.jpeg


Hi Stephanie, your dog is so cute!! I have a mixed breed dog too, a schnoodle. How big is your dog or how big will he get when he is full grown?

Thanks Evan! I've never heard of a schnoodle before, sounds cute! And my dog is around 65 pounds, he's 9 and a half so that's as big as he's going to get (even though he still acts like a puppy!)

Evan, she really is obsessed with her dog. She has hundreds of pictures. If you'd like to see more, I'm sure she'll be more than excited to show you.
Steph, back off my blog. Till next time, Swells.

Hi Stephanie! I am also a Public Relations major and cannot wait to fulfill the science requirement, glad that this is the last one for me! I love THON too and am hoping to be a part of the Public Relations committee this year!

Hi Stephanie,

Make sure that you have a live link in your blog post!

Email me if you have any questions on how to do so.


Steph, check this out. You'll love it...

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