Hey Everyone!

Hey! My name is Caitlin Clements and I'm a freshman hoping to major in Finance with a minor in International Business.

My decision to not major in science is based mostly on the chemistry class I took during my junior year of high school. Even my funny and endearing teacher couldn't stop the suicidal thoughts I had during the stoichiometry chapter. My astronomy class didn't help much either. I don't think I've ever cared about anything less then I care about moon rocks and white dwarves. Finally, those goggles we had to wear in high school science labs never looked good on me. If that's not reason enough for not majoring in science, I don't know what is.

I chose this course after stalking the list of available GN courses religiously all summer. I had to take a break from my daily schedule checks during a family trip to Italy. I wasn't going to let the impending doom of a college science course ruin my favorite city in the world, Florence.

(nothing like a high-quality Blackberry photo!)

When I got back, the course searching continued. That's when I saw that this class was a science course aimed at non-science majors, I scheduled it right away. When the college student's bible turned up very little information about Andrew to guarantee he wouldn't try to ruin my life/GPA, I (being the problem-solving student that I am) turned to Google. Thats when I found this. Let's just say it was love at first accent. Is it superficial to choose a class based purely on an accent? Possibly, but it seems to be a pretty good method thus far. I also liked the fact that this course would cover a wide range of interesting topics rather than one dull subject.

I'm so excited for what sounds like a fun and interesting semester of SC200!


I'm so jealous that you went to Italy this past summer! It's cool that you have an interest in Italian culture. It seems like a ton of people I know went there and I was left out... I'm currently taking the Italian language and am interested in the culture as well. I encourage you to take the language too! I'm also part Sicilian so I think a trip to Italy would complete my exploration of my roots.

This video makes me laugh when I'm having trouble learning Italian. :)


I went to Italy the summer before my freshman year and have a picture similar to yours! What a great and beautiful country, would go back in a second.

I am also hoping to minor in International Business! I would definitely recommend joining a 'professional' club within Smeal. They offer a lot of helpful advice and are a great way to get to know upper-classmen. Here's a link to the International Business Association:

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