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Hi fellow SC200 classmates!

My name is Megan Lasko, I'm a freshman this year and majoring in (or atleast planning to thus far) broadcast journalism.  I don't LOATHE science (aside from chemistry...THAT I loathe), but I've always had a passion for writing as well as a lifelong dream of being in front of the camera.  I'm fairly certain I wouldn't make it as an actress, so a love for writing paired with a desire to be on screen resulted in my choice of major.  I was never a science-hater in high school, though!  I enjoyed biology and my natural science courses, just not quite enough to pursue a career in the field.


Here I am as a freshman in high school...putting together some molecule models and already hating chem! 

I am taking this course because (surprise, surprise) I needed to get started on fulfilling my Gen Ed Natural Science requirements.  At my FTCAP orientation in May, I struggled through the packet of class descriptions of the science courses available for me this semester.  Fortunately one of the academic advisors for the College of Communications, Gary Abdullah, noticed my defeat and immediately suggested (insisted, actually) that SC200 was the right choice.  If you aren't familiar with Gary, check out his picture here and make a point to chat with him if you're lucky enough to see him around campus.  I've only had two conversations with him to date, but he's super friendly and never fails to make me laugh.  He's the man.

 I'm already pleased with his suggestion.  After our first class on Tuesday, I'm feeling pretty enthusiastic about this semester with Andrew!  Let's be real...a teacher with an awesome accent automatically makes a good class a great one!


I'm a sophomore broadcast journalism major (my post is right above yours) and Gary is also my adviser. He's a great guy!

I am in broadcast journalism also! Gary is also the one I spoke to who convinced me to join this class and I was also at my orientation in May freaking out over what science to take because none of them seemed like they suited me. Our blogs seem to be similar haha you can check mine out here

It's my first blog post as well! Good luck with you're major in broadcast journalism - possibly look into taking some foreign language as a minor and that might make you stick out above the crowd in terms of landing a job in the field. If you'd like you can look at my fist blog post too:

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