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Dr Andrew Read,

Course Director

Director, Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics,
Professor of Biology and Entomology,
208 Mueller Laboratory,
The Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, PA 16802, USA


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(Office hours by appointment)

The man behind the blog

Chris Stubbs                                               

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Undergrad Teaching Assistants

Beth Walker                       

Rachel Tedesco                                                          


Guest Instructors

What is the universe?

Dr Daniel Larson                                      

Verne M. Willaman Dean                                College

Eberly College of Science                            


Nanotechnology: good or bad?

Dr Mary Beth Williams                          

Professor of Chemistry,                                  lab

Dean for Undergraduate Education, Eberly College of Science

Instructional Alumni 


Do fish feel pain?

Dr Victoria Braithwaite                                    

Professor of Fisheries and Biology                lab

College of Agricultural Science & Eberly College of Science

How good is science journalism?

Faye Flam                                                              

Science writer                                                      blog

Philadelphia Inquirer                                      action site   trapeze artist

What will we do when the oil runs out?

Dr Thomas Mallouk                                             lab 

Evan Pugh Professor of Materials Chemistry and Physics

Director, Center for Solar Nanomaterials

Eberly College of Science

What does magic say about the need for science?

Dr Graham Spanier                                             

President, Penn State University                 biog     class experience

How did life arise - and how to win a Nobel Prize?

Dr Jack Szostak                                                     lab

Harvard University                                            class experience

2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine


Do fish feel pain?

Dr Victoria Braithwaite                                    

Professor of Fisheries and Biology               

College of Agricultural Science & Eberly College of Science

What causes ulcers - and how to win a Nobel Prize?

Dr Barry Marshall

University of Western Australia

Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology 2005

What did the Gulf Oil spill do to the corals?

Dr Chuck Fisher

Professor of Biology,

Penn State University

Undergrad Teaching Assistant Alumni


Carolyn (Cally) Prutting                         

Suzanne Zakaria                                 

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