reg-16922.jpgWell, technically it's called spermicide but then again, that's not exactly what's going on with the electromagnetic waves given off by your laptop's WiFi.

In a study conducted by the journal Fertility and Sterility, it was found that sperm, when in close proximity to a laptop connecting wirelessly to the internet, had a tendency to stop swimming and even undergo DNA changes.

While the results of the study seem to be in favor of the WiFi doing damage to the sperm, it still seems a bit overblown to me.  More studies need to be done in order for this to be more conclusive.  And frankly, in my opinion, the results did not account for the male body in the experiment so who is to say that the physical presence of the body would interfere, absorb or dissipate the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation on the sperm.

Additionally, it did not claim to have any permanent side effects on the male reproductive system as that had not been a part of the test; only the sperm was tested.  So all we know so far is that sperm SEEMS to be effected when exposed SEPARATELY from the man's body to electromagnetic waves.

So while the bottom line of the article seems to point towards there being a connection and a genuine threat to the reproductive capacities of the male, I would hesitate before panicking and throwing your laptop away from you in a frantic effort to preserve your mother's grandchildren.


John, is there anything specific in this article that says why it has to be connected to wi-fi to cause problems? is it the wi-fi that causes the issues? i have heard before that the heat from the laptop can kill the little swimmers. what kind of DNA changes did the article say it causes?

No, it didn't fully address any of your questions and that is essentially why I would say that it is not quite at the level of "panic and run away" and we need more data to make a rational decision.

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