Myth: Don't Eat before bedtime...its fattening

There are some myths that are just stubborn. It doesn't matter if it is a proven fact, some people just keep believing. I know that almost all my life I have been blinded by this myth.
It is incredible how despite the truth being accepted by experts, there are still countless websites that encourage people to restrain from eating before bedtime. 
This myth is based on a half truth of how you digestion works. The idea is that if you eat too late and then go to bed full, your metabolism will slow down. This means that instead of burning these calories, you will turn them into fat and gain weight. The reason this is kind of true is that although it may occur it is not true for all people. We should also keep in mind that although your metabolism slows down when you sleep, it doesn't stop and therefore you still go through the food in your stomach, just a little slower. Basically, if you sit at a desk all day, eating at 5pm instead of 8pm will not make any difference. It is your diet, exercise, and activity habits that really makes a difference to wether you are more likely to metabolize a meal into fat. 
The American Dietetic Association has dedicated an entire page in their website to try to disprove this myth. They do this by explaining some facts regarding your diet. The website states, "What you eat, not when, makes the difference. Calories have the same effect on the body no matter when they are consumed. Evidence does suggest eating regular meals, especially breakfast, helps promote weight loss by reducing fat intake and minimizing impulsive snacking".
So, if we use what we have learned in class regarding risk, would you change your habits of not eating too close to bedtime? I couldn't find the actual experiments that they considered as evidence to disprove the myth, but because they claim that there are many studies, should we believe them?.... It is all a matter of how important it is for you too loose weight. If my life is depending on it, I think I would still try to restrain from eating late.



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