Mysteries of the Ancient Underground Cities: Part Three

In South America along the Andes mountain range in Equator we might be able to find another hidden city. The Cave of Talos is said to be hidden in the rainforests where the indigenous Shwar people live. They are head hunters who guard their secrets with an iron will. But one of their most tightly kept secrets is the location of the Cave of Talos. Evidence of the cave first showed up when a Christian holy man called Father Crespi went to the village of the Shwar people and befriended them. He helped them and ask for nothing in return so they gave him gifts as thank you present. However the presents that they would give him were unique. The things he would get were often figures and statues of people and thing that had nothing to do with the Shwar culture. These things sometime included pieces made out of gold and silver. The one thing that he got which was one of the most mysterious was a metal tablet which had strange symbols on them not ever seen anywhere else in the world. Some believe that these items came from the Cave of Talos. A man by them name of Stanley Hall took it upon himself to try and find the mysterious cave in 1976 with the help of 100 other people. Neil Armstrong was the among the searchers. The explorers searched a cave know by the Ecuadorian army. They found some amazing things dating back to 15000 BC but nothing like in Father Crespi's collection.

Father Crespi Metal Tablet

In 1991 Stanley Hall tracked down an Ecuadorian by them name of Pretronio Haramio. Haramio claims that he visited the cave in 1946 that Hall was looking for. He says that he had to dive into a river and swim through an underwater cave and come up in the inside of the cave. Once inside he walked through rooms and he says that there were statues and carving of the things that Father Crespi had. He also says that there were hundreds of thousands of metal books that looked like the tablet that Father Crespi had. Sadly Haramio died before he could show Hall the location of the entrance to the cave. Could this 'Metal Library' really exist? Could it be from an advanced civilization unknown to us? Or could it be from extraterrestrial visitors?

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