Is there a world of colors we can't see?

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Are there colors that exist that we just can't see? I've read about certain animals that can see in infrared, some snakes, and ultraviolet, bees. These are colors we can't see naturally, but have the scientific tools to see what they see, so technically we can. After surfing the world wide web I didn't exactly find anything directly addressing my question. I did find this article, that explains humans can't see certain combinations of color. This has to do with the way our eyes work. The color combinations in our eyes are blue/yellow, red/green, and black/white. Basically, we can't see a blueish yellow or a greenish red. These combinations explain color blindness. Here is the Ishihara Color Blindness test, which is pretty cool. And here is the definition, right here

There is also the after color effect. Basically if you look at something long enough and then look at, say a blank piece of paper you will see an after effect. We saw this in Psych and its pretty interesting. 
Site in Eng_clip_image002.gif

Now, I have digressed. No one except someone on Yahoo Answers has speculated this. Maybe we just dont have the scientific tools to study this yet, like the super natural. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Do you see what I did there?

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Hmm.. i tried to do the trick but it didn't work for me. but as i type this i can see red stripes coming off of the blue in my peripheral vision.the idea that there are colors that we can't see makes sense...because most of the light spectrum isn't visible to us.. this made me think about how astronomers who photograph space stack images taken in different wavelengths to make a full, visible image.

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