Breathing- Controls Anger and Mind


The next time you get angry, try to breathe calmly and slowly. Science proves that breathing is directly related to anger. If you breathe faster, your blood pressure increases which results in anger. On the other hand, if you breathe slowly and calmly, the body temperature becomes neutral and you are able to control yourself in that situation. Weird right? This actually helps you to figure how thoughts form in our minds.

For the long run, breathing meditations benefit in many ways. Like mentioned above, it helps you form thoughts in your mind. Thoughts arise, and dissolve. There are three kinds of thoughts you can expect: Positive, Negative, and Neutral. Your mind helps you choose the best one for you since your breathing is in control. Breathing meditations actually make you realize that the choice, you thought you didn't have when you were angry and did something you regret, is now available to you.

Yoga, a spiritual, mental and physical discipline, which originated in ancient India, is known to be the best method to control your mind in various ways. Yoga offers various asanas, by which a person can increase his/her ability to control anxiety. In fact, yoga is best known for controlling the mind in every positive way you can. Revenge can change into forgiveness. It revives your soul and gives peace to the brain. Most of the yoga asanas are breathing exercises. They're also important for men/women suffering from diseases or lung problems.

Breathing increases a man's will power, to bring self-control over himself, to bring him the strength to make the right choice.


Breathing seems to be able to do so much for us! I had a bout with anxiety my sophomore year of college, and breathing became my new best friend. There are different types of breathing and many different breathing exercises out there to control different emotions. Whenever I am feeling nervous or even fatigued, I breathe deep from my stomach for long counts without letting my chest raise and fall. This always calms me without fault.
Alot of ancient practices, such as meditation and yoga are all based around the art of breathing. I'm surprised different breathing techniques are not more a part of our daily lives.

When I was growing up and in elementary school I had a little bit of a temper. I would get angry at somethings that I was simply over reacting to. In 4th and 5th grade I went to an afterschool program that taught me this technique to breath deep breaths and count to five. It always seemed to make me at least a little more level headed.

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